Health Care Systems AI Applications

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hCare Delivery, Telemedicine

Video Chat, WebRTC

Virtual Assistant, Chatbot => Doctor-Patient Consults

Startups in this category are building voice and text-based AI assistants that interact with patients and analyze their responses.

Doctor Patient Engagement, Dr-Productivity

Health Care Systems Clinic Delivery, HTrk, EHR, System Structural

Smart Electronic Health records

Better Health Care Policy = Optimized Healthcare Systems

Diagnosis and Disease Prediction

Kidney Failure - detect 6-9mo predicted

Diabetes - detect 5 years earlier than current clinical practice

hProvider BM$ SFA/MFA Pragmatics

PRD Better for Doctors, Delivery Insurance Payors Uses

Claims - Transaction Accuracy And Streamlining

Patient Identification and Retention

Optimizing Health Care Cost basis for Insurance Payors

San Mateo-based Lumiata’s Health AI Cost Prediction can allow payers to better manage their overall health expenditure and more effectively allocate resources, while also optimizing the underwriting of large group renewals the payer may have with employers.

Hospital Decision Support

These leverage AI to improve decision making for hospitals by assessing healthcare quality with quantifiable, data-driven metrics.

This category also includes companies using robotic process automation to streamline hospital operations.

  • Gauss Surgical - provides computer vision systems to monitor blood loss in operating and labor rooms to detect potential hemorrhages. $45m, Menlo Park, CA

  • Olive - uses robotic process automation, computer vision, and machine learning to automate healthcare administrative workflows like checking claim statuses and managing accounts receivable. $68m, Ohio,USA


CardinalAnalytix Solutions



Medical Informatics


NextHealth Technologies



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