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Health R&D : Obstacles, Security, Regulation, Slowing down or Enabling?

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Respect Data

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Pharmas and Biotech

Drug Discovery companies leverage AI to find the most effective combinations of drug compounds, reducing the time and capital required in drug discovery.

Precision Medicine - AI focus

  • People are all different - age, race, gender, zip-code

AI-driven Genomic Solutions

Startups in this category are using AI for personalized healthcare, genome sequencing, and CRISPR research.

  • Decipher Biosciences
  • Sophia Genetics

  • Syntekabio - analyzes an individual’s unique genetic map to provide personalized medical treatments. $33m, S.Korea

  • WuXi NextCode = applies AI and deep learning to genomic analysis. This research is used to improve patient sampling for drug discovery and accelerate cancer research. $455m VC, MA, USA

Drug Discovery - biotechnology

Biotechnology based Drug Discovery startups that are conducting internal R&D to discover new drugs,

  • BlackThorn Therapeutics - has developed a pipeline of neurobehavioral therapeutics to treat mood and anxiety disorders, autism, and other neurological disorders. VC=$130m, SFO

  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals - manages a pipeline of drugs for cardiology, neurology, dermatology, hematology, immunology, ophthalmology, and other focus areas. - $236m VC, Salt Lake City

Drug Discovery - SaaS tools

These Drug Discovery companies are pureplay SaaS startups that sell analytics software to pharmaceutical companies.

  • Accutar Biotech
  • Apeiro
  • Atomwise - better medicine faster
  • BenevolentAI
  • Engine biosciences
  • Exscientia driven by knowledge
  • Finch Therapeutics
  • Frontier Medicines
  • Insitro
  • Juvenescence
  • Notable Labs
  • Owkin
  • Spring Discovery
  • Standigm
  • TwoAR
  • XtalPi

Chinese AI for drug discovery

  • DIP - chinese

AI, Data driven medicine

Imaging, Radiology and Diagnostics - AI Computer-Aided Detection

This category includes startups using AI software to detect and diagnose diseases at an early stage.

  • Freenome - uses AI to find patterns in cell-free biomarkers circulating in the blood that could be associated with cancer. $240m VC, SFO

  • Path.AI - develops AI-driven diagnostic tools to assist pathologists in clinical decision-making and drug discovery. $75m Boston, MA

  • ablacon

  • aidence
  • aidoc
  • Aillis
  • enlitic
  • EX? Medical Imaging for Everyone
  • IBEX
  • IDX

  • JLK Inspection

  • Lunit
  • Paige
  • sight
  • SigTuple
  • Ultronomics
  • Viz
  • VoxelCloud
  • Vuno
  • Zebra Medical Vision


  • deepwise
  • infervision

Clinical Trials - Tools

This category includes companies focused on clinical trial management. Building upon more robust datasets, startups in this category help researchers recruit and retain patients, as well as design and manage their studies.

  • deep lens - AI pathology platform called VIPER to identify eligible trial candidates at the point of their diagnosis. $17m VC
  • Health at Scale Technologies

  • Teckro - provides researchers with a machine learning-driven platform for monitoring trial progress across geographically dispersed teams. Ireland, raised $41m VC


Startups in this category are developing AI-driven privacy solutions for healthcare administrators, such as the secure transfer of patient data.

  • Datavant - “deidentifies” patient data so that it can be safely packaged and exchanged with healthcare partners. VC $40m

  • Protenus - healthcare systems with AI-powered auditing, compliance analytics, and security software for patient and clinical trials data. Baltimore, VC=$36m


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