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Health Startups Overview focus in USA

Health Tech, Coaching, Wellness

Corporate Wellness "General"

  1. 10-20% Health Inflation - Big companies have seen per-worker healthcare costs increase by more than 80 percent just since 2000.

  2. Obesity Key Problem. Over 60% even in 2006 of the work force is either overweight or obese so getting your employees to slim down can result in significant health cost savings for your company.

  3. Encouraging weight loss is a touchy issue.
  4. Do employees listen to "lectures" when you tell employees directly that it’s difficult to provide higher wages and better benefits when so much of the company’s money is going to support avoidable illnesses.
  5. INCENTIVES - How ot setup employees will see its financial, physical and emotional benefits.
  6. This is the reason for Walmart, etc. insisting every employee can lift and carry 25-50 pound loads.

Step-counter Fitness is Ancient

Diet Coaching

Joy of losing weight

Losing weight can be a very life-affirming experience. People become happy and gain confidence. This translates to more effective, productive employees who are likely to feel intense loyalty for helping them turn things around. So a company that empowers people to lose weight may not only see an improvement in healthcare costs, it may gain better employees. And that, in itself, is a good reason to make the commitment.

Corporate Weight Loss BM$


Consumer Weight Loss, Fitness, Diet Coaching

Telemedicine and Dr Appointment BM$

Dr Appointment, Intermediation BM$

Telemedicine BM$

Health E-Commerce, Retail, Pharmacy

Supplements BM$


A new age natural nutritional supplements brand to address challenges and solve problems that are a consequence of one's modern lifestyle

Nihaal Mariwala, Founder

GoodRx $12.7B 2020

Hims & Hers $1.6B 2020

23andMe $3.5b 2020 - Personalized Genomics - Taken Private by PE - Personalized Genomics


One Medical $1.7b 2018

primary care

Oscar Health $7.3b 2021

Clover Health $3.7B 2021 - Medicare Advantage

Pharma, Biottech, Lifesciences Recent IPOs

Moderna $7.5 2019

PRECIGEN $1.5b 2013

Stemcentrx $5.8b 2016

CureVac Aug 2020

biopharma company

Health Devices and Diagnostics

Butterfly $1.5B 2020

Grail $8b

cancer liquid biopsy startup

Health IPOs sort

Soma $2b, 2020

ONantHealth $1.7b 2016

FlatIron $2.2b 2018

Auris $3.4b 2019

Adaptive $2.4b 2019

10xGenomics $3.6B 2019

Smile Savers? $2.4B 2019

Gan & Lee $3.6b 2020

Indian hST in USA

Vibrent Health

Praduman Jain, CEO

Evive Health


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