HRV Recruiting Ideas ST4US

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Univ Recruiting Startup Ideas

PRJ to develop

001 UnivBrainBase - DJ Prototype - 2000+ Univs

003 Niche Areas - top Citations, CS Researchers

004 Academic Talent Score - based on College rank, courses, etc.

002 NER


--- Talent Registration, AI and Shared Talent Networks


Traditional job marketplaces are flawed. They rely on candidates to find available positions and determine whether or not they're qualified. In fact, more than 75 percent of applicants for a given role are under- or over-qualified for that position. -

Challenges in Right-Hiring

The environment is well positioned to be the to answer company's pressing questions about their future talent pipelines and human capital strategies.

Businesses and their leaders will face some extraordinary challenges when it comes to talent recruitment in the years ahead," said Jon Auerbach, General Partner at CRV.

Human Capital Management for Region/Industry flips the traditional advertize-apply instead uses artificial intelligence to help 'jobs find the candidates' – and quickly apply to those for which they are qualified.

Network together their talent teams

Get a competitive advantage when hiring

Linked In - more than a profile board

first breakout company since LinkedIn

  • The world's first shared talent network powered by artificial intelligence - launched Dec'2017
  • Based in Redwood City
  • Adam Zoia, Chairman and Co-Founder
  • Richard Joffe, CEO and Co-Founder.

  • FUNDING raised $10M+, led by Charles river ventures, Darpa (US Military), and participation from dozens of strategic investors such as: Auren Hoffman (CEO/Co-founder of SafeGraph and LiveRamp); Craig Kallman (CEO of Atlantic Records); Eric Zinterhofer (Founder, Searchlight Capital); Gary Lauder (founder of Lauder Partners); Jason Finger (Founder/CEO, Seamless); Jay Rasulo (ex-CFO Disney); Pete Briger (co-Founder, Fortress Capital); Pete Flint (co-Founder/CEO Trulia and NFX Guild); Peter Arvai (Founder/CEO, Prezi); Todd Fisher (CAO, KKR); and Wade Davis (CFO Viacom).

Over 50 Fortune 500 companies leverage like Unilever, Hilton, JetBlue, Rackspace, Charter, Allergan, HBO, Revlon, and Estee Lauder USP: network together their talent teams and get a competitive advantage when hiring

--- University Recruiting Marketplaces and Software


Jumpstart - Shared Talent Network

--- mr Diversity recruiting software



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