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Covid-19 Impact in depth on Health Care

Some of the traditional revenue sources for hospitals and other health-care providers have disappeared during the crisis.

  1. Elective Surgeries Cut. Many hospitals around the country have postponed elective surgeries to conserve supplies and staff for Covid-19 patients.

    But as lockdowns loosened, the backlog will come in HUGE force - as our podiatrist told us.

  2. Waive Copays, Discounting to get more usage.

    Humana 5/5/2020 announced that it was waiving copays and other cost sharing for primary care and behavioral health services for its Medicare Advantage customers in an attempt to encourage them to begin using the health-care system again.

Consumerization of healthcare

Consumers taking more responsibility for Health Care and Shopping

UBS has defined defined this trend as “individuals asserting more influence and control over their medical & wellness care.”

Direct to Consumer Emerging Fast

Direct to consumer companies who have created new opportunities in the pharmacy supply chain will be able to provide benefit to this group of patients. By allowing for mail-order options such as Pillpack and Eagle Pharmacy, patients with chronic degenerative diseases have increased accessibility to the medications and products they need.

Similarly, Ro, in response to Covid-19, made a patient friendly "Corona Triage Service Portal" and Hub to generate leads direct to consumer.

Aging, Technology, Rising Deductibles/Costs - UBS $600B market scope = UBS

The “consumerization of healthcare” will continue to grow after the pandemic, and it could benefit both high-tech companies and stodgy retailers, according to a new report from UBS. The bank defined defined the trend as “individuals asserting more influence and control over their medical & wellness care.” The trend is being driven by technological progress as well as an aging population and rising health care costs. UBS estimated he total addressable market for the industry at roughly $600 billion and still growing faster than the overall economy.

Regulatory Changes Opened up

A number of regulatory changes have enabled healthcare brands to become consumerized in a unique fashion, resulting in several of the fastest growing companies in history.

Regulators have become more sophisticated about different modalities - Telemedicine to benefit greatly - Pharmacy Being disrupted

Supply Chains Being Disruptied

Opportunities have been unlocked by healthcare and supply chain entrepreneurial

Telemedicine to benefit : Expand, Zoom-as-Common, Insurance Reimbursement common, Specialists and Full spectrum Conditions

“We are in the era of Consumer Telemedicine 1.0, which is characterized by a focus on primary care, urgent care, cosmetics, and other cash-pay conditions. With this new era of Consumer Telemedicine 2.0, we will see a bigger shift to the increasing expansion of telemedicine to include specialty areas, insurance reimbursement, and an increasing spectrum of applications and conditions,” - Dr. Cameron Sepah, CEO of Maximus and Clinical Professor at UCSF Medical School.

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Resources tosee

Healthcare Analytics - True Data Driven

Resources tosee

DASHBOARDS - Clear Perspectives a Selling Point

These dashboards are embedded in EMRs and CRM software

No Coding Needed - Analytics Automation Accelerators

The Accelerators contain everything needed to rapidly deploy governed self-service solutions. This includes data extraction from any source, pre-built metrics and data models, award-winning visualizations and comprehensive documentation – all of which is automated to ensure easy governance and optimization. This results in:

4x faster deployment of solutions, 70% reduction in SME time required, 80% reduction in time to build new self-service dashboards, 100% transparency into metrics and KPIs, and 100% maintainable by your team

Leadership Analytics

Access & Revenue Optimization

Performance Improvement


Clinical Analytics


Research Support Analytics

Academic and Publishing RCTs Analytics Support


Prominence Advisors

Prominence helps healthcare organizations do more with their data to make healthcare smarter. Their analytics platform and accelerators enable healthcare organizations to deliver governed self-service solutions to the enterprise 4 times faster than traditional deployment models while leveraging data from any source. With more than 45 pre-built healthcare analytics accelerators, Prominence brings proven solutions and processes to jump-start your journey or provide best practices for your team to learn, leverage, and grow. Founded by former Epic managers, Prominence also offers KLAS-leading Epic deployment services and strategic data governance products and services.


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