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By pjain      Published July 13, 2020, 5:14 p.m. in blog Lambda7   

---ST4US Ideas July2020---

Home Wifi, Routers, Mesh, 5G++ societal: Tech

Use $20 Wifi cams for innovation: Tech

A Wyze Labs Co-Founder on Their Crazy-Good Wireless Cam

EC Bulk Ship - Individualized - Prepper in Covid-19 era

SHOP++ Help WFH Make Money with side gigs --> Etsy>3rd Party mktplaces


Talent Haven FoRW - Standardized Service Bundles with Certification/Return like EC

Survellance for "eGated Neighborhoods"

WFH Dealing with Kids

Posenet entrance, Disinfecting crews for Companies, Installing Shields

A. Startup/Lambda7 Ventures, HRV, Talent Pools, Recruiting, Agency

Recruiting Startups

Agency for Remote, Angel - Get it done!

Global Outsourcing Friction Free, esp. CRO - Get it done for Less!

Shared Talent Networks and Collaboration

University, Internship, Diversity, Apprntiing, Get Experience

CrowdFunding, ST done Remotely, Acquire or Else

Product Management Series



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