Indian R&D, Development and Necessary Reforms

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Research In India

IITs, IIITs failures

Foundations for Research

Teach in India for Tenure, Sabbatical in West

Funding for Research Students in India

IITs give PGs a stipend of 12400 per month - even MTechs and often waived fees and hostel accomodation. Ironically they often use this time to prep for competitive exams like IAS, etc.

M Tech doesn’t sky-rocket chances of getting a job and needs 2 more years of study. So UGs at IITs are unwilling to get masters if they can go abroad right after. However from Tier 2 or Tier 3 colleges it is an attractive way to step over the stone and get a better brand.

But this stipend is a fragment of the support for PhD scholars in US

Funding for Professors and Labs

Doing research relies on professor and lab/Center funding so they can get latest modern equipment in. This same funding is required for buying laboratory equipments, to run simulations, to fetch data sets and so on.

Most of the professors in USA are so self reliant that they fund their students mostly from industrial collaboration grants in millions of dollars.

But Indian professors depend on the government.

Some top multinationals are funding Indian professors to look at problems of competing globally, but this sum is small are rare.

Deshpande Foundation

Military and Space Infrastructure



Research Contracts at IITs

IITs are assisting DRDO and ISRO in their funded research projects developing software and machines for them.

Boosting Indian Business, Economics, Trade

Economics at IITs



As an ISBian myself, I strongly feel that the founders of the school have tried to set an example of how effort, planning and great execution (and not luck alone) can create a world class institute. - Comment on Quora


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