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India Health Startups Trends

Shortage of Skilled Doctors in 80% of India

Severe shortage of skilled doctors.

The number of doctors per 1,000 people is well below the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average of 2.8.

Telemedicine to solve problems

Our only hope of improving healthcare lies in increasing efficiency of the current force of doctors through digital tools.

Severe Shortage of Highly Qualified NPs

Nurses don't want to work in-home Hurts Hospice, Post-op Care

Nurse practitioners who typically work in primary care settings include family nurse practitioners, adult primary care nurse practitioners, and pediatric primary care nurse practitioners. However, nurse practitioners who are board certified in acute care can work in primary care settings depending on their background and

India Health Care very limited Access Issues

Barefoot, Psuedo-Doctors, Alternate Health Care in India

Professional Primary Care in India

Primary care is the first level of care that patients receive, and is focused on patient wellness and the prevention of severe health conditions.

Primary care providers are in the West patients’ first point of contact when they have medical concerns or needs.

The relationship between patient and provider is also much longer term in primary care settings versus secondary and tertiary care settings, with providers often following a patient’s development and medical history for several years. Primary care is also delivered in outpatient settings, as the low-level care and consultations provided to patients do not require hospitalization.

Secondary Care - Nursing Homes dominate Real Estate and Access

Secondary Care - Professional Medium Size and Government Hospitals

Secondary care is more specialized and focuses on helping patients who are struggling with more severe or complex health conditions requiring the support of a specialist. Secondary care is typically delivered in inpatient settings, and is best defined as care for patients who require intensive specialist care but whose vital signs are stable.

Examples of medical situations needing secondary care services include cancer treatment, medical care for pneumonia and other severe and sudden infections, and care for broken bones.

Adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioners, adult acute care nurse practitioners, and pediatric acute care nurse practitioners tend to work in these settings; however, certified primary care nurse practitioners can also work in secondary care settings depending on their previous work experiences, the regulations in their state, and the specific needs of their employer.

Tertiary Care - Mega, Super-Speciality Hospitals, ER, ICU, Trauma

Tertiary care is another form of specialized care that is a level above secondary care in that it involves supporting patients who are encountering life threatening illnesses and whose vitals are not stabilized. Tertiary care is delivered in settings such as the intensive care unit (ICU), emergency room, trauma, organ transplant, and critical care units. Board certified acute care doctors and nurse practitioners work in tertiary care settings.

Tertiary level healthcare has not been very accessible to 70% of the Indian population – with overcrowded hospitals in the metros, and few high end hospitals in the small towns and cities.

The condition is so bad that people have to travel hundreds of kilometres in order to get medical treatment– and then spend lakhs of rupees.

India Health Insurance, Costs and Inflation

Hospitalisation costs wipe out middle Class.

Holding Bodies Hostage - Forcing Loans and Asset Sales to "Get Paid"

The rise in costs of consultation, diagnostic services, and surgeries makes it very hard to afford to be sick in India anymore. Health care providers very aggressively insist on upfront payments and manage "release" of dead bodies, etc. till they get paid.

WHO reports sround 32% of hospital admissions in urban India are financed by loans and/ or sale of assets. Also, close to 48% of hospital admissions in rural India are financed by these same sources. Even in this time and age, there is a very negligible share of health insurance that contributes to any of these expenses. Over 70% of Indians spend their entire income on health care. If we look at the poverty line, 3.2 % of Indians tend to fall under it only as a result of high medical expenses.

Tertiary level healthcare has not been very accessible to 70% of the Indian population – with overcrowded hospitals in the metros, and few high end hospitals in the small towns and cities. The condition is so bad that people have to travel hundreds of kilometres in order to get medical treatment– and then spend lakhs of rupees.

Rapidly rising Health Inflation - a Critical factor

Fee for Service Outpatient Dialysis, Health Imaging, Diagnostics

Outpatient expenses are much higher for Re 500-1000 for 5-10' visits.

Costs of typical services in 2018

  • Dialysis 12/mo Re 14,000/mo
  • Kidney Transplant - Re 400k, Postop Re 10k
  • Heart Surgery "Cheap" stents - Re 200,000 +10% 5yrs Re 300k, 10yrs Re 500k, 15yrs Re 800k
  • Cancer - head.neck Re 2L, Chemotherapy Re 100k, Lifetime (last 5+years) Re 1m/patient

  • Reducing the Cost of Saving Lives in India

Individual Health Insurance in India

Unfortunately, only 20-30% of the total population in India—urban and rural—has health insurance coverage in place. This is far less than the 100% coverage in social health systems like Europe and Canada, and even the 60%+ coverage in USA albeit via private or employer insurance plans.

Now having An All-Encompassing Health Insurance Policy In India Goes With corporate employers Lifestyle. In the present time and age when you are distraught due to the events of the past year and are leading a stressful life, you do not have time for yourself or your health. Buying a health insurance plan proves to be a sensible decision because there are plenty of medical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension / blood pressure and several other stress-related disorders that just go unnoticed.

Some of the benefits Of Having A Health Cover / Health Insurance

  1. Cashless Treatment. You don't have to dig deep down into your pockets to cover the cost of your treatment. Star health insurance Chandigarh is going to work in collaboration with hospitals to provide you the best and cashless medical treatments.

  2. Contractual Rates - Affordable Medical Checkups. All your medical checkups and tests will become even more affordable than they already are. You also get the facility of free health checkups that are guaranteed with some of the most reputable health insurance companies in India.

  3. Ambulance, Transportation Charges Are Covered. A great health insurance policy is also going to cover all your transportation charges / expenses which you have to pay to the ambulance for frequent commutes across the city.

  4. No Claim Bonus. This is also a benefit that nobody talks about. It is actually a bonus amount that is paid to the insured individual if there has been absolutely no claim for any health treatment in the previous year.

  5. Tax Writeoff Benefits. This is a very obvious benefit of getting a health insurance cover for yourself and your family. Every premium that you pay on your health insurance is tax deductible. The section 80D of the Income Tax Act applies here. Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, a premium amount of up to INR 25,000 is tax deductible and for your senior patients, an amount of INR 50,000 is tax deductible.

  6. Room Charges Covered. The charges for accommodation / room that you have occupied will also be covered in your health insurance policy. Of course this is going to depend on the premium being paid by the insured individual.

  7. Cover For Pre / Post Hospitalization Charges. You are covered here for up to the period of at least 60 days by the most highly recommended health insurance policies available in the market. This will include all the pre and post hospitalization costs that you may have incurred or are about to incur.

Eligibility Criteria For Buying A Health Insurance Policy In India

If you are under the age of 45 years, you are not required to go through a compulsory health check up. You can obtain a health insurance policy rather easily.


You are required to disclose any pre existing health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes beforehand.

Types Of Individual Health Insurance Policies

Individual health insurance

You can have other members such as a spouse, children, parents, etc. added as well under extra premium. The charges of the premium depend demographically on one’s age, medical history and also on the amount insured. Under this plan, you can buy an individual health plan for yourself and your spouse as well, which will cover the cost on an individual basis.

However, may be recommended to go for a family floater instead if you are looking to include spouse, children, parents, etc. This will be a cost-effective way and a family plan will provide a comprehensive coverage.

Family Floater Health Insurance (Consolidated Premium)

These offer coverage for all the family members—spouse, children, parents, and other dependent members—at a single premium instead of multiple individual premiums. This particular health insurance plan in India is recommended to individuals having small kids or dependent family members with no serious health issues.

Ayushman Bharat Policies for Poor and Elderly

Senior citizen health insurance

Suppose there is an elderly member or someone with a critical health condition. In that case, family floater insurance is not recommended for you as the maximum amount of insured money will be utilized by the single individual leaving lesser coverage amount for the other members.

Suppose you have elderly parents of above 60 years of age. In that case, it is recommendable to buy Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans in India. Senior citizens are more vulnerable to severe illnesses, and the cost of treatment for such diseases is skyrocketing. Although the premium is higher due to its expensive coverage benefits, you can avail tax benefits under Section 80D on the premium.

Critical Illness Insurance

This includes speciality "Major Medical" insurance for Surgery and critical illness insurance

Life-threatening diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, paralysis, etc. are covered under Critical Illness Insurance Policy. The cost of treatment for such conditions is too high due to multiple hospital visits, admission, doctor visits, chemotherapy, etc. for a longer period of time.In such cases, the insured amount is mostly a down payment so that it can cover all the medical costs.

Additionally, your loss of income due to diagnosis of life-threatening disease will be compensated as well under this policy. Generally, it is purchased along with an existing health insurance plan or as a standalone critical illness plan.

Hospital Daily Cash Benefit Plans

A fixed huge amount of insurance is provided for each day of hospitalization, which will remain unchanged irrespective of expenses made. The individual can use this policy to cover additional costs which cannot be covered by their basic health insurance plan.

Personal accident plan

Maternity health insurance policy

Unit linked health plan

Group Health Insurance Plans for Employers

As this particular health insurance plan in India is provided by an employer or a company to its multiple employees, the insured amount is limited for the coverage. If you plan to extend it to other family members, you can do it by paying extra premium. But the policy will stay only till your services are there with the organization. Hence, it is recommended not to solely rely on Group Health Insurance Plan.

Massive Health Inflation on Pay-for-Service Basis

Health costs in India to rise at 10% double the inflation rate of 5% in 2018 - Mercer Marsh Benefits

India Patient Engagement, Empowerment and Wellness Issues

The Indian wellness industry is scaling up in terms of advancements and achievements. This broad sector has now evolved as an intensely developing business. NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) recently stated that with health and happiness being major priorities, the buzzword wellness is turning into $1.4 trillion market in India. It also reports that the market size has grown with a CAGR of 15 percent over the last five years and it’s expected to grow more in the future. While the population growth and lifestyle trends are influencing the industry, the advanced technologies and rise in independent brands to offer on-demand services is transforming it. Wellness players, in alignment with the requirements have shifted their focus from traditional offerings.

Local Languages critical to Health Care

Human interpreters in USA ethnic patients, esp. Aged

UCSF researchers said Google Translate is best used in combination with human interpreters, even if they are not in the room, who can interpret the physician's verbal instructions for the patient, over the phone or via video, while the physician shows the patient the written translation on the computer screen or printout. That way, patients can flag errors or confusing passages as they are listening and reading.

Google Translate Works on Medical with Few errors - mainly from original Instructions

Google can aptly translate doctor's orders into Spanish 92% accuracy and Chinese (81%) albeit with a few significant errors, finds a study. UCSF analysed 100 sets of emergency discharge instructions translated by Google's machine learning algorithm that was rolled out in 2017. However, a small minority of the inaccurate translations -- two per cent in Spanish and eight per cent in Chinese -- had the potential to cause clinically significant harm. The algorithm got into trouble when doctors used colloquial terms like "skip a meal" - a phrase that Google translated into Chinese as "jump over" a meal. These were mostly due to grammar or typographical errors in the original written English instructions. Machine translation errors were also linked to the use of medical jargon, and long, complicated sentences. "Google Translate is more accurate than a lot of clinicians believe, and I think it's definitely more useful than not providing anything at all," - lead author Elaine Khoong, a UCSF primary care research fellow.

1 Diabetes Care

Diabetes-Doctor patient management and Communications - improve outcomes

  1. Support digital diabetes management and facilitate communication between diabetics and healthcare providers.

  2. Help patient make the right lifestyle choices and remembering to take medications for the people who are living with diabetes. PAIN: Bridge the lengthy gap between doctor visits by enabling frequent digital touch points between patients and healthcare providers.

  3. Health AI applies to predictive coaching, provide hints and nudges concerning meals, exercise, and blood glucose management

  4. See Health2Sync AI engine.

Novo Nordisk Japan - Health2Sync.Taiwan

As part of the partnership, Novo Nordisk will support the distribution and adoption of the SyncHealth App and healthcare provider platform in Japan. The two companies agreed to support the localization and promotion of the SyncHealth App and web platform for patient management. Through its behavioural AI engine, the App can provide hints and nudges concerning meals, exercise, and blood glucose management, delivered in a compelling and friendly way that encourages users to stay adherent to their treatment plans.

  • Novo-Nordisk focus Appeals to Japanese Health Provider (Govt) mandates for better diabetes outcomes.
  • Aims to wirelessly connect its insulin delivery devices, enabling auto data recording of self-injected insulin.

  • Ed Deng, CEO, Health2Sync.

2 Cardiac, BP, Kidney Care

Stroke Care

BeAble IIT-Hyderabad

BeAble Health a Centre for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, IIT-Hyderabad start-up's ArmAble "gamified arm rehabilitation" device is affordable, offers engaging game-based therapy, has data-based quantified progress and recovery and can also be used for tele-rehabilitation. This aids in brain and motor rehabilitation of stroke victims. Aimed at targeting conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, fracture and frozen shoulder, it can solve the pressing need for intensive, engaging and regular rehabilitation therapy for the upper limb. The device motivates the patients to engage in therapy using the immersive games which lead to an increased number of repetition. The high number of repetitions augment the recovery of the arm function. The tele-rehabilitation in ArmAble connects a therapist to patients by remotely connecting through a cloud platform. The therapist can monitor and analyze the progress of their patient's recovery by looking at the movement data such as patterns, speed, accuracy etc.

=== Health Tech, Coaching, Wellness

Corporate Wellness


Smita Jirgale, Founder & CEO A unique wellness platform that engages, motivates and helps retain top talent, while keeping them fit and agile, through gamified goals and challenges

Adirya.India - mixed, unclear

Offers dynamic solutions in varied fields such as workplace health, occupational safety, public health, On subjects ranging from Proactive Healthcare to Domestic safety

Ashish Rao, Director Strategy

Streben Healthcare.India

Provides comprehensive services for employee health checkups, personalized health consultations and health awareness creation covering mental health, physical health and prevention of lifestyle diseases

Arvind Savargaonkar, CEO

Consumer Weight Loss, Fitness, Diet Coaching

Human Fractal.India

Empowers customers with personalised recommendations and coaching on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to make an everlasting positive change in healt, performance and behaviour

Srinivasa Vivek J, Co-Founder

Euphonic Yoga.India

Promotes a flamboyant physical and mental training regime in the fitness and wellness industry

Shruti ChaturLal & Suman Kanawat Singh, Co-Founders

Health Media, Forums, Community

Your Dost,India

A platform that allows people to connect with experts to discuss issues related to your personal, professional and academic life

Richa Singh & Puneet Manuja, Co-Founders

Genomic BM$ Info Coaching, Actualized

Xcode Life,India

Entitles physicians, wellness professionals and individuals with the most validated, accurate and actionable genomic information, which in turn positively impacts and improves health and quality of life

Saleem Mohammed, Founder & CEO

=== Healthcare

NRI Driven BM$

Telemedicine and Dr Appointment

Telemedicine Full E2E BM$ Key Factors


Gives access to a comprehensive range of health services across three broad categories; Emergency, Medical Assistance and Wellness, at wallet-friendly costs

Gunjan Poddar, Founder & CEO

Trijog, India

Brings in a structured system, serving quality therapy with professionalism

Arushi Sethi, Co-Founder

Dr Appointment, Intermediation BM$

Practice Management - Revenue Optimization

The AFPI currently has a membership base across India and a chapter in almost every state. The members including family medicine specialists, practising family physicians, general practitioners, medical officers who provide generalist medical care across all age groups, genders and organ system.

Practice management in India today is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. Without the tools and services enabled by technology, it is very difficult for both patients and doctors to access quality care and manage relationships. As the domain leader in healthcare, Practo can help sharpen our technological capabilities to reach and serve patients much more efficiently," -- President of AFPI Raman Kumar.


Joint marketing with Academy of Family Physicians of India (AFPI) to collaborate towards greater understanding and adoption of digital healthcare technology in India. Specifically MOU is for areas of learning and development in digital healthcare for all physicians associated with AFPI. - Practo, Jun'2019

  • Practo's Chief Healthcare Strategy Officer Alexander Kuruvilla
  • President of AFPI Raman Kumar

=== Pharma, Biottech, Lifesciences Recent IPOs

How Medical Reps control Prescription writing in India

Digital Hospital Engagement

Abbott's digital platform will currently include three specialty areas, namely diabetes, thyroid and osteoarthritis and in the first phase, a:care will address the needs of doctors and patients, while pharmacists will added later. India is the first country in which Abbott launches the digital platform and can be found online or as a web app downloaded from Android Play Store.

=== Health Devices and Diagnostics


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