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XFR Maker OS Patterns - Reproducible templates Relevant to India

Modi's program for this

SATHI - centers for R&D Tooling - IITkgp, IITd to start

  • Setup 15 centers - 80% of time to be available to outsiders of institutes

  • Problem is R&D Tooling is not available outside Univ labs, CSIR, DRDO, or corporates

  • The instruments should help in characterisation, testing and fabrication work. Finally, some specific instruments would be needed for institutions that will be focussed on specific sectors.

IIT Kharagpur has been selected for setting up a Sophisticated Analytical and Technical Help Institute (SATHI) to extend help to the academic institutes in the neighbouring region. As per DST mandate, the SATHI Centre will run 24x7 round the year. At least 70 per cent of instrument use time will be reserved for external users from other academic institutes, national laboratories, start-ups, entrepreneurs and the industry, the statement said. The facility would involve the highest level of expertise of IIT KGP in several key convergence domains of science and technology such as medical sciences, soft materials, structural and safety engineering, etc.

This is a Department of Science and Technology initiative of the Centre, for which Rs 125 crore has been earmarked over a period of three years.

Tech & R&D initiatives in India - An Overview


  • Self Driving Cars are less relevant than being able to monitor road quality with rapid construction in India.

Actionable - Usable for production

Solving real DOMAIN challenges, today

  • Needs domain knowledge in real world - rubber hits the road
  • Today - right stage state-of-the-art today vs future R&D/Publishing years outs
  • Theoretical techniques vs practical deployment.

Capital relevant

R&D Projects Relevant to India

Smart Transportation - Avoiding Accidents

Core Internet Tech for Indian languages

  • Fonts for Indian scripts AI4Bharat
  • Word embeddings for Indian languages AI4Bharat

Indian Language Translation

We still don't have a system to accurately translate something from, let us say Tamil to Marathi. We still rely on Google to keep making improvements. We need to be able to make an open available resource for people translate from any Indian language to any other Indian language - Prof Pratyush Kumar, IITM

Computer Vision, Face Recognition

  • Face recognition for Indian faces AI4Bharat

Environment - Other

  • Monitoring wildlife with camera traps AI4Bharat


  • Structured Data Extraction from Documents AI4Bharat
  • Signboard translation for Indian languages AI4Bharat
  • Android App for crowdsourcing data and labels AI4Bharat
  • Digitisation of ancient manuscripts AI4Bharat

Handicapped, Disabled Assistance

  • Sign language translation AI4Bharat

Indian Economic Boost

Anti-Fraud, Corruption Busting



  • Detecting paddy disorders and pests from crop images AI4Bharat

Roads quality Monitoring

  • Segmenting rural roadways from satellite imagery AI4Bharat

EduV Projects

Super 30 founder Anand Kumar

Anand has been running a highly innovative Super 30 programme for the last 18 years to mentor 30 students free off cost through a year-long residential coaching for India's premiere IIT-JEE.

The Education Excellence Award 2019 was presented to Kumar by the Foundation For Excellence (FFE) at a function on the occasion of the organisation's 25th anniversary gala in San Jose, Ca, Sep 19, 2019 "Making quality education accessible to the masses will make a huge difference to the world by solving the core issues of poverty, unemployment, population explosion, environmental degradation and a lot more," he said.

Salman Khan

MBA online programs

MOOCs and AI Training Courses

One Fourth Labs

  • Incubated at the IIT Madras Research Park with a mission to design and deliver affordable hands-on courses on AI and related topics. Python and HS math is all that is needed - now anyone in Indian context can become expert in DL with this.

  • founder, Mitesh Khapra, IITM prof

  • Incubated from IITM which offers a platform for students in Tier 2,3 cities to learn in vernacular languages - platform or domain partner, with One Fourth Labs to be tech platform. - GUVI offers technology skills that are in-demand in the industry in regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali and Arabic besides English.
  • S P Balamurugan, CEO
  • Minimal cost Re 1k for students, Re 5k for working professionals.
  • IIT Madras professors have created the course content in the platform.
  • Coding contests will be conducted periodically with the top performers rewarded through the platform.
  • personalized learning paths - based on the user's skill level, learning speed and learning pattern -
  • Periodic Assessment
  • Learning analytics and history of the individual will be maintained as part of his profile
  • Certifications or profile - users can share with the Employers.
  • Till now GUVI has upskilled more than 1.5 lakh engineers in latest technology skills such as Python, Java and Machine Learning, among others.

Health Projects

Health Care Strategy

Mental Health

  • India has most depressed people - 6.5% suffer from some mental disorder - 2018 WHO
  • A student commits suicide in India every hour

Organisations that are founded by IIT alumni having seen stress, depression, and even suicide at close quarters during their days at the IITs.

  • co-founded by IIT Roorkee alumnus Anil Bisht and wife Archana, has till date, completed 600,000 counselling sessions and serviced over 1.8 million employees at 400 Indian and multinational enterprises. “We are the only EAP (employee assistance programme) organisation in the mental health space in India that has a proprietary suicidal risk prevention protocol in place. This has helped us successfully address over 4,000 suicidal risk cases" - Anil

  • YourDost - Richa Singh, who runs emotional wellness platform founded after a friend committed suicide on bad placement. Given the stigma in India around seeking mental help, anonymity helps. YourDost provides a technology platform where people can anonymously seek support and guidance from 1,000-plus trained psychologists, counsellors, career coaches and life coaches.

  • Moodcafe with >10k users

  • Moodcafe is a free, anonymous chat platform where users on the app can connect with trained listeners and communicate with them, much like through WhatsApp.
  • IIT Roorkee-IIM Ahmedabad graduate Mikul Patel who co-founded mental health startup Moodcafe with fellow IIT-R grad Rahul Ratan Mirdha.
  • Is also associated with a suicide prevention centre, the Vandrevala Foundation that provides help when immediate intervention is needed.
  • Time donation center/camp conducted
  • Tieups with corporates, colleges and government


Drug Manufacturing

  • IITD and TCS to conduct research on continuous manufacturing of drugs, pharma companies owing to cost benefits. The lab at IITD is the only dedicated centre working on continuous manufacturing of drugs. The annual cost of some of the cancer treatments can be more than Rs 25 lakh and is a roadblock for schemes like Ayushman Bharat. Moving to continuous processing is one of the few options to significantly reduce prices of these medicines by 50-90%,” -- to Anurag Rathore, coordinator, DBT Centre of Excellence for Biopharmaceutical Technology, IIT Delhi.

Electronics, Consumer and Smart Homes, IOT

HAN, Smart Homes

  • IITD and smart home solution by Eden Smart Homes, a startup incubated at the campus. The startup has invented a small hardware module that is installed behind the switchboards, thus making all the existing appliances mobile-enabled. These devices can then be controlled using the Eden app. -- “While large companies charge Rs 4-8 lakh for automating a single 3BHK home, ESH provides a superior technology at a fraction of the cost,” said Pranjal Kacholia, founder, Eden Smart Homes.

Defence sector

Body Armor

  • IITD's Joint Advanced Technology Centre (JATC), set up by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, wherein the duo is developing body armour designed for the minimum possible aerial density that can withstand AK 47 bullets of 7.62x39 mm with hardened steel. This will be the first indigenous hi-tech body armour. Currently the military uses a bulletproof jacket that weighs about 10.4 kg. “IITD is targeting a weight of 7.5 kg, thereby enhancing the mobility of the wearer,” said professor Naresh Bhatnagar, IIT Delhi. The solution would be available for mass production in a year’s time, he said.

Interesting AI R&D Programs in India

  • @IITM
  • Prof. Mitesh M Khapra LI
  • Prof. Pratyush Kumar LI
  • Projects page

  • IITM's platform would have a community of AI professionals, students, domain experts, policy-makers and academicians collaborating to address problems in agriculture, healthcare, etc. To solve relevant problems it is important to move AI research and development out of silos and create a platform where AI professionals can come together to design and build impactful solutions." AI4Bharat's immediate goal is to create a community of 100 selected AI experts and 50 domain experts

  • These will work on selected initial projects

IIT R&D Efforts

Overview of promise and fail



  • Contacts
  • Professor Anurag Rathore, dean, corporate relations, IIT-D
  • Big ones - Director

  • To improve rankings, trying to get more industry funding

  • The number of industry sponsored projects has doubled in 2018 at the institute since 2014. From 164 industry-sponsored projects worth Rs 87.1 crore in 2014-15, the number grew to 317 worth Rs 347.52 crore in 2018-19. The highest revenue from sponsored research was recorded in 2017-18, which was worth Rs 417.19 crore.

We have been working with our corporate partners for years. In 2018-19 alone, we worked on more than 1,000 sponsored consultancy and research projects worth over 390 crores

  • IITD is focusing on projects across domains such as defence, auto, pharma and smart home devices
  • Targeting to ramp up funding for research work to Rs 550 crore 2019fy yoy Rs 400 cr
  • IIT Delhi ranks 182 in this list while in the NIRF list it ranks second among Indian engineering colleges.

  • IIT-D plans to set up research parks at three campuses - main campus, Sonipat and Jhajjar to propel design and development of advanced technologies, incubate more startups and promote impactful industry collaborations.

  • Industry Day, held end Sep every year, in 2019 was 3rd year and 150 companies participated- gets Re 60 cr/yr in projects up from Re 30 cr from this in 2017. - promoted by V Ramgopal Rao, director. 50 products would be showcased and there were five themes for this Industry day-clean energy for sustainable economy and environment, sustainable medical technologies, emerging nano and advanced materials, sustainable environment and make in India.

  • Drone technology by BotLab Dynamics
  • green technology based pigeon repellant by Clensta
  • plant based alternates to animal based foods
  • bioresorbable cardiac stent,





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