Interview Questions in Flutter

By pjain      Published May 20, 2020, 7:25 a.m. in blog Programming   

    • What is the difference between a StatelessWidget and a StatefulWidget in Flutter?
    • Explain the Stateful Widget Lifecycle?
    • When do you use the WidgetsBindingObserver?
    • What is Flutter tree shaking?
    • What is a Spacer widget?
    • What is the difference between hot restart and hot reload?
    • What is an InheritedWidget? List some examples.
    • Why is the build() method on State and not StatefulWidgets?
    • What is a pubspec file in Dart?
    • How is Flutter native?
    • What is a Navigator and what are Routes in Flutter?
    • What is a PageRoute?
    • Explain async, await and Futures.
    • How can you update a ListView dynamically?
    • What is a Stream?
    • What are keys in Flutter and when should you use it?
    • What are GlobalKeys?
    • When should you use mainAxisAlignment and crossAxisAlignment?
    • When can you use double.INFINITY?
    • What is Ticker, Tween and AnimatedBuilder?
    • What is ephemeral state?
    • What is an AspectRatio widget used for?
    • How would you access StatefulWidget properties from its State?
    • Is there a suggested limit to the number of FloatingActionButtons a screen can have? Give a reason(s) for your answer
    • Mention two or more operations that would require you to use or return a Future.


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