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IPOs and SPACs are they Investible?

New cos Massive PS, Little Sals, Poor margins, Worth tracking gBS?

  • Screened for Investibles



Rivian - to ipo - amzn/usps deals? flex manuf


--- SPACs SORT ---

SPAC Merger Update

Northern Star Acquisition (STIC) is holding its shareholder vote for Barkbox today. STIC closed at $9.99 yesterday. May 27 | $ 9.84 | LWAC - Locust Walk Acquisition Corp. --> EFFECTOR THERAPEUTICS, INC. May 27 | $ 9.91 | PACX - Pioneer Merger Corp. --> Acorns Grow Inc May 26 | $ 9.82 | DCRN - Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation II --> Tritium May 25 | $ 9.90 | FORE - Foresight Acquisition Corp. --> P3 Health Partners May 25 | $ 9.90 | PTK - PTK Acquisition Corp. --> Valens Semiconductor May 24 | $ 9.86 | LEGO - LEGATO MERGER CORP. --> Algoma Steel May 20 | $ 9.83 | XPOA - DPCM Capital Inc --> Jam City May 17 | $ 9.94 | SGAM - Seaport Global Acquisition Corp --> Redbox May 17 | $ 10.10 | ZGYH - Yunhong International --> Giga Energy Inc. May 17 | $ 9.89 | SCVX - SCVX Corporation --> Bright Machines May 12 | $ 9.85 | SWBK - Switchback II Corporation --> Bird Rides, Inc. May 12 | $ 9.86 | CENH - Centricus Acquisition Corp. --> Arqit Limited May 11 | $ 9.94 | AURC - Aurora Acquisition Corp. --> BetterMay 11 | $ 9.88 | SRNG - Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp. --> Ginkgo May 10 | $ 9.89 | AUS - Austerlitz Acquisition Corporation I --> Wynn Interactive May 10 | $ 9.94 | LIVK - LIV Capital Acquisition Corp. --> AgileThought May 10 | $ 9.87 | STPC - Star Peak Corp II --> Benson Hill, Inc. May 10 | $ 9.87 | HCIC - Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V --> Plus May 07 | $ 9.90 | STWO - ACON S2 Acquisition Corp --> ESS TECHNOLOGY May 07 | $ 9.90 | LOKB - Live Oak Acquisition Corp. II --> Navitas Semiconductor May 07 | $ 10.15 | LSAQ - LIFE SCI ACQ II --> Science 37 May 06 | $ 9.95 | AMHC - Amplitude Healthcare Acquisition Corporation --> Jasper Therapeutics May 03 | $ 9.85 | MAAC - Montes Archimedes Acquisition Corp --> Roivant Sciences



Consumer Staples, Foods, EC



  • FY'21 PS=28x Profit margin -18%
  • Q2'IPO $1.4b cash M$13.5b Bleed multi-Year

  • About Oatly


  • PKJ > sweeteners hurt the gut - negative publicity, end-consumer "Sweet tea"
  • FOOD SCIENCE - seems oriented to bulk buys by KO/PEP (no profits)

  • FY'21 c12.8 - M 0.5b fEPS=1.1 fPE=12x LTdebt=1.3x OP%=6%, n=8%

  • FY'20 $315m t, -.7eps inc -26m PS=1.6x -v $9 / $13

  • About: Whole Earth Brands - Packaged Foods, Chicago, Illinois

  • http://www.wholeearthbrands.com/
  • SEG: Branded CPG mainly sweetener artificial
  • zero-calorie, low-calorie, natural, no-sugar added, and plant-based products
  • Whole Earth, Pure Via, Swerve, Canderel, and Equal brands

  • SEG: Flavors & Ingredients

  • flavoring enhancement, flavor/aftertaste masking, moisturizing, mouth feel modification, and skin soothing
  • Licorice-derived products for use in confectionary, food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, personal care, and tobacco


Discretionary, Sin

Apparel, Cosmetics


In September 2019 delayed plans for an IPO until next year, according to a report by Bloomberg. Poshmark did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

SKIN XX PHSE c20 2x M2.5b fPE=200 PS=18x

  • FY'21 M=2.5b on $135m PS=19x
  • $134m negIncome
  • v 10---- /20

The Beauty Health Company Edge Systems, LLC designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells aesthetic technologies and products. It offers hydradermabrasion system that enhances the skin to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate simultaneously; Hydraglucan Intense Hydration Booster, a customization for the HydraFacial treatment exfoliates the skin by improving cell renewal and delivers ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, glucan, and betaine to hydrate the skin and provide anti-aging benefits; HydraFacial Daily Essentials, which provides detoxification, rejuvenation, and protection of skin; crystal microdermabrasion systems; and light emitting diode systems. The company also provides HydraFacial CONNECT platform, a three-level industry certification program that will advance aesthetic professionals' skills and give them recognition, respect, and rewards; and system surgical smoke evacuators that vacuums the plume created by laser and electrocautery treatments, such as hair removal, tattoo removal, erbium, and veterinary procedures. Its system surgical smoke evacuators are used by hospitals, plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, OB/GYN, veterinarians, and others. In addition, it offers marketing support services. Its products are distributed worldwide through its sales network. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Signal Hill, California with a location in Long Beach, California.

HIMS XX Busted IPO 10/24\8-9

  • FY'21 M=2b $52m ni -56m PS=38x

  • About Hims & Hers Health, Inc. Consumer Defensive | Household & Personal Products


Gambling Online - Too Crowded

  • vs Gamblng cos https://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=111&f=ind_gambling

PLBY XX Losing money, 31x PS

Playboy Group


  • FY'21
  • v ~ Not going anywhere

  • About:

GNOG x To Lose money

? Why losing money next year? from EPS 1.1 to -0.8 ? PS = 8x

  • FY2021 M=0.95b $120m i100m - n%=85%
  • c12.3 $qoq=50% EPS cy +400% RISK: why is EPS ny -280%?

  • CORE: Gambling | USA

  • About: Golden Nugget Online Gaming, Inc. operates as an online gaming and digital sports entertainment company. It offers patrons to play their favorite casino games and bet on live-action sports events in New Jersey and Michigan. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


  • FY2021 c18 +80% on ipo
  • v 10 // 22 \ 18
  • M=3.4b PS=20x Sales=170m inc=-0.6m to bleed 1 yr out as well

  • About Genius Sports Limited BETTING UK

  • Internet Content & Information | United Kingdom develops and sells technology-led products and services to the sports, sports betting, and sports media industries. It offers technology infrastructure for the collection, integration, and distribution of live data of sports leagues; streaming solutions, comprising of technology, automatic production, and distribution for sports to commercialize video footage of their games; and end-to-end integrity services to sports leagues, such as full-time active monitoring technology, which uses mathematical algorithms to identify and flag suspicious betting activity in global betting markets, as well as full suite of online and offline educational and consultancy services. The company also provides live sports data collection; pre-game and in-game odds feeds; risk management services, including customer profiling, monitoring of incoming bets, automated acceptance and rejection of bets, and limit setting; live streaming services; creation, delivery, and measurement services for personalized online marketing campaigns; and fan engagement widgets for digital publishers that offer live game statistics and betting-related content. The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Gaming, Video, Entertainment


  • FY 2021 M50b PS=43x
  • FY'2020 FCF figure increased to $411.2 million. Admittedly, 2020 was an abnormal year driven by surging engagement as many of its users were urged to stay home because of the pandemic, but that's incredible growth nonetheless.
  • That cash can be used to further Roblox's efforts to expand by attracting an older demographic (as it is making good progress on already) and adding potentially lucrative advertising capabilities to its platform.

  • FY'2019, Roblox had a free cash flow of $14.5 m

  • CORE: Unique gaming "human co-experience" gaming platform

  • 42.1 million daily active users, up from 23.6 million last year
  • Especially popular with kids and over 50% of its users are under age 13
  • Users on the platform can customize their avatars and play games together with friends. The platform is free to join.

  • BM$ freemium and transformative progress in generating FCF

  • However, some items and games will be restricted to free players. The only way to access these areas and items is to pay with Robux, an in-game currency that must be purchased with real currency, and that's how Roblox generates revenue.
  • That business model will change if management's plans come to fruition.
  • FUT Roblox revenue will come from transactions (as it is currently)
  • FUT advertising
  • These supplemental revenue streams would boost the company and allow it to monetize players who never deposit any money on the platform.

  • About Roblox

Media, Entertainment, AdTech

Media, Musc, Streaming


Spotify 2018 Spotify was the first large company to list via DPO in April 2018. Ironically, on listing day, the shares experienced lower volatility compared to other large technology IPOs in the past decade.



Pharmas, Biotechnology

NUVB xx Busted


Nuvation Bio Inc. clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the development of therapeutic candidates for oncology. The company's lead product candidate is NUV-422, a small molecule inhibitor targeting CDK2, CDK4, and CDK6. It is also developing NUV-868, a selective inhibitor of the BET family of epigenetic transcriptional regulators; NUV-569, a differentiated selective inhibitor of the Wee1 kinase; NUV-1182, an adenosine receptor inhibitor; and DDC platform that focuses on targeting an inhibitor of poly ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) to androgen receptor-expressing cancer cells , as well as PARP inhibitor to ER-expressing cancer cells. The company was formerly known as RePharmation Inc. and changed its name to Nuvation Bio Inc. in April 2019. Nuvation Bio Inc. was incorporated in 2018 and is headquartered in New York, New York.

Medical Devices, Diagnostics


  • FY'21
  • M=2.4b ni=-130m on 12m only sales PS=190x

  • About:


  • FY2021 c151 M=2.4b ni=-130m on 12m only sales PS=190x

  • About:

Health Care, Insurance


  • FY'21 M 4b PS=20x $200m ni=-55m eps=-0.19 to bleed even more next year

  • CORE: Medicare Advantage - hard to beat mega insurers

  • Under investigation

  • About:

Durables, Autos

Autos - EVs

ZEV xx PHSE No Revenue

* FY 2020 M0.52b $13m NI=-3m PS=40x

  • No revenue

  • About: Lightning eMotors, Inc.

  • designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles. It offers class 3 to 7 battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. The company's vehicles include passenger vans, ambulances, shuttle buses, last-mile delivery vans, box trucks, and motor coaches for parcel and delivery, micro transit, airport parking operations, and electric utilities sectors. It also offers charging systems; and Charging-as-as-service platform. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado.


* FY 2021 Sales=0 M=5b

  • About:

NKLA Xx NoSales Fraud Mgt - messed up GM

* FY 2021 M=$6b on 0 sales

  • About Nikola
  • development and integration of energy and transportation solutions in the United States. The company operates in two business units: Truck and Energy. The Truck business unit develops and commercializes battery-electric (BEV) and fuel cell electric (FCEV) Class 8 trucks for the short, medium, and long haul trucking sector. It also offers hydrogen-electric vehicles, electric vehicle drivetrains, vehicle components, and energy storage systems. The Energy business unit develops and constructs a network of hydrogen fueling stations for FCEV customers. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.


- FY 2021 c46 M=76b ni= -1.35b on $3.5b PS=21x

  • About NIO, China
  • designs, develops, manufactures, and sells smart electric vehicles in Mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. The company offers five, six, and seven-seater electric SUVs, as well as smart electric sedans. It is also involved in the provision of energy and service packages to its users; marketing, design, and technology development activities; manufacture of e-powertrains, battery packs, and components; and sales and after sales management activities. In addition, the company offers power solutions, including Power Home, a home charging solution; Power Swap, a battery swapping service; Public Charger, a public fast charging solution; Power Mobile, a mobile charging service through charging vans; Power Map, an application that provides access to a network of public chargers and their real-time information; and One Click for Power valet service, where it offers vehicle pick up, charging, and return services. Further, it provides repair, maintenance, and bodywork services through its NIO service centers and authorized third-party service centers; statutory and third-party liability insurance, and vehicle damage insurance through third-party insurers; courtesy car services; and roadside assistance, as well as data packages; and auto financing services. Additionally, the company offers NIO Certified, an used vehicle inspection, evaluation, acquisition, and sales service. NIO Inc. has a strategic collaboration with Mobileye N.V. for the development of automated and autonomous vehicles for consumer markets. The company was formerly known as NextEV Inc. and changed its name to NIO Inc. in July 2017. NIO Inc. was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China.


  • FY 2021 c685 ?b 550 T 700 volatile
  • PS=18x M=660b ni=1.1b on $36b sales +50% yoy

  • About:


  • About:

RIDE Xx Busted IPO NO sales

  • FY'21 M=$1.6b NO sales

  • About Lordstown Motors Corp, USA

  • original equipment manufacturer of light duty fleet vehicles. It develops, manufactures, and sells Endurance, an electric full-size pickup truck targeted for sale to fleet customers. Lordstown Motors Corp. was founded in 2019 and is based in Lordstown, Ohio.

Commercial, Trucking Transport Disruption

YMM xx EC for Transport fulfillment

  • FY 2021
  • Q2'IPO $1.5b

  • CORE: Uber-like services for the trucking industry

  • March, about 1.4 million shippers posted orders on the Full Truck platform
  • About 20% of China’s heavy-duty and medium-duty truckers used the app to fulfill shipping orders in 2020

  • About Full Truck Alliance

  • Created when Yunmanman and Huochebang, rival digital freight platforms in China, merged in 2017.
  • FTA platform covers more than 300 cities in China, has 1.3 million active shippers. FTA, also known as Manbang Group in China, has raised about $3.6 billion in funding
  • IPO $22.5 down bit on day, raised $1.6b US ADRs (=20 Class A sh)


  • NO SALES, Lots of Hype,

  • FY 2021 M=11b

  • Q2'IPO 2021Apr IPO $1.1b $40

  • ABOUT TuSimple

  • autonomous technology company, develops autonomous technology specifically designed for semi-trucks in the United States and internationally. It intends to produce a line of purpose-built (Level 4) L4 autonomous semi-trucks for the North American market. The company operates its Autonomous Freight Network (AFN) L4 autonomous semi-trucks equipped with its autonomous driving technology. Its AFN is an ecosystem that consists of L4 autonomous semi-trucks, high definition digital mapped routes, terminals, and TuSimple Connect, a cloud-based autonomous operations oversight system.
  • Founded in 2015 and is based in San Diego, California.

Rivian R9

Rivian - to ipo - amzn/usps deals? flex manuf

  • About Rivian
  • Ford has an undisclosed stake in Rivian, having invested $500 million in the company in April 2019. Rivian's $28 billion valuation is catching up to Ford's, which was hovering at $44 billion as of Thursday. But Ford also has electric vehicle ambitions of its own

LEV Xx Small EV factory IPOed

  • FY 2021 PS=113 Sales only $30m M=3.2b
  • v $10 / 30 \ 15

  • CORE: Farm & Heavy Construction Machinery

  • electric medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles in North America. It primarily offers buses and trucks. The company is based in Saint-Jerome, Canada

  • About The Lion Electric Company

EV Ecosystem, Charging Networks, Batteries


  • FY 2021 M=9.75b on NO SALES => 5-10yrs to "pilot" battery production


  • Very risky R&D stage company with NO SALES
  • v 18 //120\40 \ 25 - to go FAR FAR Lower
  • VW order for pilot production
  • ALL Insiders selling massively

  • About QuantumScape Corp

  • development stage company, engages in the development and commercialization of solid-state lithium-metal batteries for electric vehicles and other applications. The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in San Jose, California.


  • FY 2021 M=8.9b $41m only PS=220x ni -400m - WHY LOSING SO MUCH!!


  • lot of selling by insiders

  • About ChargePoint Holdings

  • EV charging networks and charging solutions in the United States. It offers a portfolio of hardware, software, and services for commercial, fleet, and residential customers. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Campbell, California.

Auto Parts, Ecosystem

XL Xx - busted IPO

  • FY 2021
  • v $10/30\ 5-6


  • Risks: Mgt sued

  • About XL Fleet Corp

  • Fleet electrification solutions for commercial vehicles in North America. Its products include hybrid electric drive systems are comprised of an electric motor that is mounted onto the vehicle's drive shaft, an inverter motor controller, and a lithium-ion battery pack to store energy to be used for propulsion; plug-in hybrid electric drive system, which offers a more significant MPG and emissions improvement than the hybrid system, while enabling customers to plug in their vehicles to a level 1 or level 2 charging station. In addition, the company offers charging and power management solutions, and Electrification-as-a-Service, which would finance and manage vehicles, powertrains, charging systems, on-site power, and energy storage systems while charging customers on a usage and time basis. It also offers XL Link, an electrification analytics platform. The company offers its products under the brand names of XLH, XL Plug-In, XLP, XL GRID, and XL ELECTRIC. It serves end-use customer base comprising Fortune 500 corporate enterprises, public utilities, and various municipalities. The company was incorporated in 2009 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Auto Sales, Service Ecosystem

LOTZ Xx Busted IP 10\5

- FY 2021

  • RISKS: Lots of lawsuits on busted stock

  • About:

Housing, Real Estate


- FY 2021 PS=4.5x M=9.4b $2.1b no data

  • To bleed for many years
  • Capital/Shares sold to provide for the bleeding
  • lot of selling by insiders

  • About OPENDOOR

  • digital platform for residential real estate in the United States. Its platform enables consumers to buy and sell a home online. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Francisco, Ca

Materials, Chemicals, Industrials

MP Xx PHSE EV/Lithium hype

  • FY 2021 M6.5b $194m ni -6m PS=33x
  • v IPO 13 / 45 \25 /36

  • About MP Materials


  • FY 2021 M0.9b $0.40 ni=-90m - BLEEDING all cash on hand after IPO in 1 yr
  • v $10 //25 \10 c18

  • About:


* FY 2021

  • About:

Chemicals, Materials


  • FY 2021 M=2b $60m ni= -104m
  • v 10__/65\25 PS=34x
  • RISKS lawsuits filed as stock seems manipulated - huge fell

  • About: Danimer Scientific, Inc. Basic Materials | Specialty Chemicals

  • performance polymer company, develops, produces, and provides bioplastic replacements for traditional petrochemical-based plastics. It produces polyhydroxyalkanoate, a biodegradable plastic feedstock alternative used in a range of plastic applications, including water bottles, straws, food containers, and other things under the Nodax brand name; polylactic acid-based resins for coating disposable paper cups; and other biopolymers. The company offers its products to manufacturers in the plastics industry. Danimer Scientific, Inc. was incorporated in 2004 and is headquartered in Bainbridge, Georgia.

Product, Manufacturing Tech


  • FY 2021
  • Q1'21 EPS $1.03 beat by $0.09 on revenue $989 m up 11.7% year over year, beating $24m
  • gross profit margin of 91.95%
  • v gained 18.64% in the past year.

  • CORE: provider of 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software and services

  • About Autodesk

“Adobe and Autodesk are both prime examples of the rotation that occurred during the quarter. Both are dominant businesses in their respective markets, which are experiencing structural tailwinds. Despite each business’s position of strength, the stocks of cyclicals and businesses with higher leverage and lower profitability were more favored this past quarter. In stark contrast, Adobe and Autodesk both have low leverage, high levels of profitability, high recurring revenues that mitigate cyclicality, and are both capital-light business models—all attributes we appreciate as investors. Adobe and Autodesk were also two of the top three performers within the Portfolio during 2020.”


  • FY 2021
  • Q1'21 EPS 0.78 on $1.38b y+2.6% gm%=83%
  • Q2'21 Guidance - $1.34b
  • FY'21 Guidance revenue raised by 9-10% and the same for its EPS by 17-18%
  • v stock gained 24.45% in the past 6 months and 23.34% year to date in 2021 to July
  • v July, Deutsche Bank raised its target to $225.33

  • About Dassault Systèmes SE

  • French provider of software solutions and services across the world

  • CORE: SOLIDWORKS design software caters to 3D design demands

3D Printing Vertical

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as it is more commonly known, is a trend in the technology sector across the globe that has been gaining headway for quite a few years now. Back in 2019, money was poured into the sector in millions, to invest and help its growth.

An estimate claims that the market for 3D printing products and related services is due to surpass the $40 billion mark by 2024

Pumped massively by Cathie Wood's Ark Invest even set up an ETF for 3D printing, The 3D Printing ETF (BATS: PRNT) as one of her disruptive areas

DDD R8 M=4b Largest 3D

  • FY 2022 to turn profitable EPS 0.42
  • FY 2021 gm 41% M4b $570m ni=-85m EPS -0.74 PS=7x
  • Q1'21 EPS $0.36 beat by $0.40 Revenue $146 m beat by $9.49 m
  • July'12 fell 10% pin action as Desktop Metal acq of Aerosint makes it a more formitable compeitor


  • DDD usually has a higher short-interest than comparable peers, such as Stratasys

  • CORE: 3D printing and digital manufacturing solutions in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific

  • core additive manufacturing business

  • About 3D Systems Corp

  • Jun'21 Finish sale of its On Demand Manufacturing business by Q3 to Trilantic North America for $82m

PRLB R8 b Lows 50-70

  • FY 2021 M2.4b gm 50% PS=5.6 5yr
  • Q1'21 EPS $0.40 on $116.13 m est+$3m in revenue
  • Q2'21 guidance $117 m-$127m revenue, versus consensus estimates of $119.48 million.
  • v May, Benchmark its Buy rating

  • CORE: E-commerce driven manufacturer of custom prototypes and 0n-demand production parts globally and offers 3D printing products and services

  • About Proto Labs, ONDEMAND 3D MANUFACTURING Parts Supplier


  • FY 2021 M1.4b $522m ni=-440m GM 43%
  • Q1'21 EPS of -$0.06 b $134.19 m est +$1.92 m
  • v has gained 51.48% in the past year

  • About Stratasys

  • CORE: connected and polymer-based 3D printing solutions

  • alongside 3D printing systems like polyjet printers, FDM printers, stereolithography printing systems, and programmable photopolymerization printers for faster prototyping.
  • June launch two new PolyJet 3D printers called the Stratasys J35 Pro and J55 Prime, alongside new software solutions


  • FY 2021 M2.7b $28m ni -93m

  • About Desktop Metal - 3D printing

  • IPOed Dec'20
  • Acq Aerosint, Belgium - new, multi-material approach to powder deposition is designed to support high-speed printing of a broad range of polymers, metals, and ceramics
  • manufactures and sells additive manufacturing solutions for engineers, designers, and manufacturers in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia- Pacific. The company offers Production System, an industrial manufacturing solution; Shop System, a turnkey binder jetting platform for machine and job shops; Studio System, an office metal 3D printing system; and Fiber, a desktop 3D printer. It serves automotive, aerospace, healthcare, consumer products, heavy industry, machine design, and research and development industries. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.
  • Raised $160m in Q1'2019

XONE Xx LittleSales

  • FY 2021 M=0.41b PS=7x GM 22%
  • Q1'21 EPS -$0.29 Revenue $13 m y+3%
  • v has gained 76.63% in the past 6 months plus 125.83% year to date.

  • CORE: 3D printing machines, products, and materials

  • About ExOne Co Germany HQ

  • Serves industrial customers in the US, Germany, and Japan
  • July,21 opened its new Metal 3D Printing Adoption Center to binder jet 3D printing facilities

NNDM Xx NoSales all hype

** FY 2021 M1.75b $3m GM 57.24% - Q1'21 EPS -$0.02 Revenue $2 m est+1m - v has gained 279.26% in the past year

  • CORE additive electronics
  • DragonFly lights-out digital manufacturing system

  • About Nano Dimension, Israel and internationally

  • July'21 partnered Hensoldt AG JV advancement of 3D printing design

Defense, Aerospace, Space



** FY 2021 - Q1'21 EPS of $0.90, beating estimates by $0.07. Revenue was $15.25 b missing estimates by -$81.84 m - gross profit margin of 14.82% - v gained 22.41% in the past 6 months and 24.86% year to date as well.

  • CORE: aerospace and defense company that provides systems and services for commercial, military, and government customers across the world.

  • SEG: branching out into the 3D printing sector with its 3D printed guided missile

  • About Raytheon Technologies

Space Disruption - All money Losing


  • FY 2021
  • v 10//15 on champath/branson - SOLD OUT as //60 \15
  • v hype on Branson Flight - stock jumped to $40
  • v hype after this - revealed RAISING $500m post SPAC-ipo

  • CORE: Space Tourism at boundary

  • 200k/trip of <1hr - too pricy - can't build co on that
  • Aircraft ARE NOT SETUP for other real business models TOURISM only

  • About Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. A much-hyped space tourism company and high-profile recent deal was Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

Venture capitalist promoted by Chamath Palihapitiya whose SPAC Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings bought a 49% stake in Virgin Galactic for $800 million before listing the company in 2019.

However July 2020 things are much worse off. Virgin Galactic SPCE reported no revenue in the second quarter and again delayed its first trip to space for founder Richard Branson, while announcing that it will dilute its SPAC investors by issuing another 20.5 m shares.

Blue Origin Private

* FY 2021

  • About:

SpaceX Private

  • FY 2021


  • About:


  • FY 2021 M=0.7b on $30m PS=23x
  • v 10 /18\6 -$9 as insiders sold out

  • CORE: Airports & Air Services

  • Air transportation alternatives to the congested ground routes in the United States and internationally. The company provides its services through helicopters and amphibious aircraft. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in New York, New York.

  • About Blade Air Mobility, Inc.



SQ x ARK fav

** FY 2021 c222

  • About:


** FY 2021

  • About:

Banking Online and Lending


* FY 2021 M 13b $565m neg

  • About:


  • FY 2021 PS=0.2 M0.420b $2b ni=23m
  • v SPAC $10 ip Fell dramatically Q2 to $6.5

  • CORE: Credit Services

  • About Finance Of America Companies Inc.

  • operates a consumer lending platform US. The company provides residential mortgages, reverse mortgages, and loans to residential real estate investors distributed across retail, third party network, and digital channels. It also offers complementary lending services to enhance the customer experience, as well as capital markets and portfolio management services to optimize distribution to investors.
  • founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

Credit and Debt Services



* FY 2021

  • About:

InsureTech Disruptors

ROOT Xx Bleeding Busted IPO

  • FY 2021 PS=6.5x M=2.2b $350m ni=? no data avail
  • v 25\\ $9 - earnings releases must have been bad for MASSIVE DECAY


  • Tons of Lawsuits on stock declines

  • About: Root - Insurance - Property & Casualty

  • Insurance products and services in the United States. The company offers auto, homeowners, and renters insurance products. The company operates a direct-to-consumer model and serves customers primarily through mobile applications, as well as through its website. Its direct distribution channels also cover digital, media, and referral channels, as well as distribution partners. The company was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.


* FY 2021 M1b $44m bleeding massively

  • About:

Services, GIG

ABNB R9 b135

AirBnB Airbnb — chooses a mostly traditional IPO path but rebuffed a takeover by the SPAC of hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman as undervaluing the company. The lodging platform operator is considered a good candidate for a direct listing because it is already profitable and well known.

* FY 2021

  • About:

DIDI Xx - china reg

  • FY 2021
  • v 11/20\11 - busted

Hardware, Systems, Storage, Networking

Semi, Electronics

HW Servers

HPQ - Printers mainly, also 3D

  • MAY BUY Xerox even at a 30% premium

  • FY 2021 Mcap grew+35% in 2 years - gm 19% fPE=8.3

  • Q1'21 EPS 0.93 on $15.9b beat +1b
  • v stock gained 16.06% in the past 6 months and 24.1% year to date.

  • SEG: 3D printing strategy, joining the additive manufacturing sector in 2016 and launching a range of polymer 3D printing systems, including Metal Jet technology

  • About

Networking, 5G

ASTS Xx No Sales

* FY 2021 M2.4b $6m ni-60m

  • CORE Telecom Service
  • space-based cellular broadband network for mobile phones. Its SpaceMobile network is being designed to provide connectivity at 4G/5G speeds on land, at sea, and in flight. The company is based in Midland, Texas.

  • About AST SpaceMobile, Inc.

SaaS, SW, Apps

SaaS, SW, Apps

CRM acq Slack

Slack 2019 Slack’s direct offering in June 2019.

IBs Protest HFT Exchanges, Allegedly, some floor brokers felt that the initial indications given by Citadel were too low (thus not showing a true view of supply and demand) and alerted the NYSE’s regulatory office.



  • FY 2022 fEPS 0.72 fPE=93
  • FY 2021 M 24b $1.8b PS 13.6x gm 61%
  • Q2'IPO $2b

  • About AppLovin Corp

ETWO Xx EC SaaS Supply Chain

  • FY'20 M=2.5b on $330m ni=-41m PS=7.6x
  • fPE 78x
  • v 10 / 14 \ 11 trend is down

  • CORE: cloud-based and end-to-end supply chain management SaaS platform


  • in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. The company's software solutions orchestrate supply chains and realize value and return on investment for its blue-chip customers. Its software combines networks, data, and applications to provide a platform that allows customers to optimize their supply chain across channel shaping, demand sensing, business planning, global trade management, transportation and logistics, collaborative manufacturing, and supply management. The company serves technology, consumer, industrial, transportation, and other industries. E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. was incorporated in 2020 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

SaaS,PaaS Infra, Comm


  • Generic commodity as biggies fight back, enterprise dominate

  • FY-Past

  • 2021 Realistic guidance on post Covid
  • 2020 C19 - Surging on massive use - Demand// but kept prices low
  • April 2019 IPO soared 72% on FIRST day

  • ABOUT Zoom

  • CEO Eric Yuan GREAT MGT


  • About
  • Dec'20 IPO shares jump\ed 60% on the day of its IPO this past December. While there might have been hand-wringing over money left on the table, she thinks it was the right move and one for which the company was quickly rewarded over time. Management knew that demand dramatically outstripped supply and they could have priced that deal significantly higher.

Storage, Databases


  • FY 2021 PS=50x M33b $700m ni -44m Has $1.5b cash gm 78% op/profit -5%

  • About Datadog

  • IPO 39% out of the gate
  • Gurley called it a $293 million giveaway to new investors and underwriters by pricing the deal below demand.



data storage firm did not immediately comment which way it would IPO

Cohesity, a private data management company f M $3.7 billion ... CEO Mohit Aron backup, manage and gain insights from their data, across multiple systems or cloud providers

Data Analytics

CORE Analytics Trends, Needs

CORE Analytics They both offer almost all the same functionality around tracking and visualizing user actions for analytics. You can track A/B test results in both. We ended up going with Amplitude at BaseDash because it has a more generous free tier for our uses (10 million actions per month, versus Mixpanel's 1000 monthly tracked users).

Segment isn't meant to compete with these tools, but instead acts as an API to send actions to them, and other analytics tools. If you're just sending event data to one of these tools, you probably don't need Segment. If you're using other analytics tools like Google Analytics and FullStory, Segment makes it easy to send events to all your tools at once.

Mixpanel helps companies build better products through data. With our powerful, ...

Google Analytics Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your ...

Flurry More companies trust Flurry Analytics to understand how consumers interact with ...

CleverTap We help over 3500 brands, including Jio, Cleartrip, BookMyShow, Curiosity, McDonalds, ...

Countly Countly is a product analytics solution and innovation enabler that helps organizations ...

Localytics Localytics provides app analytics and app marketing for the mobile market, similar ...

Amazon Mobile Analytics You simply add the AWS Mobile SDK to your app and publish the app using your ...

MoEngage It is a Mobile App Engagement & Marketing Platform, which helps Companies understand ...

Value Added User Experience esp Mobile Apps for Conversion

Seed-stage startup in the personal development space. I am looking at building the marketing stack tool to have an accurate view of the user experience from acquisition through to adoption and retention .. our current 60K free members will interact in the new subscription-based platform Looking at an affordable yet scalable Mobile Marketing tool w user flow visualization vs. building in-house. - AppsFlyer for attribution - Braze looks great - Leanplum, price points are 30K to start, which we can't do - OneSignal, but it doesn't have user flow visualization - Urban Airship - Iterable


Product analytics platform Amplitude whose CEO Spenser Skates confirmed he was at the event and would strongly prefer direct listing over an IPO.

Data analytics startup Amplitude reached a valuation of $4 b Chief Executive Officer Spenser Skates - Behaviorial Analytics Amplitude is the product intelligence platform that helps companies use their customer data to build great product experiences for systematic business growth.


  • July+ IPO at $4b val

Automation, AI


  • About UIPATH

AI Xx PHSE=32x

  • About C3.ai
  • Insiders selling like crazy - boosted/propped up sales for IPO - future growth slow down


  • FY 2021 PS=35x M=43b $1.2b
  • RISK govt killed MSFT $10b deal - AI is commodity - PART OF CLOUD Buys - future mega deals screwed up!

  • About Palantir

  • 2020 IPO Busted
  • ARK Invest is gungho about it
  • Insiders governance control forever, Selling billions


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