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JS Charting 101

JS Charting Libraries Comparing

JS libs Compare with others

r JS Charting - Sort

r JS Charting libs overview


  • JS Charting - Light/Medium Weight - with some tips to use

Review of others, Compare


  • - great for producing pie and bar charts

  • Bluff. This is based on the Ruby Gruff library. This is a nice, simple solution so if you’re looking for something lightweight

    serial (column, bar, line, area, step line, smoothed line, candlestick and ohlc graphs), pie/donut, radar/polar and xy/scatter/bubble charts.

AM Charts


An intense library with a spotless interface. It depends on jQuery and the Raphaël JavaScript library (

The fundamental objective is to give wonderful outlines, that are anything but difficult to utilize.

Default diagram sorts incorporate line, bar, territory, and doughnut charts. The library has a few samples that you can examine (morris.js) with code that demonstrates to begin and make attractive outlines in couple of minutes.

CanvasJS for jQuery is the jQuery graphing module that accompanies CanvasJS (Beautiful HTML5 JavaScript Charts | CanvasJS).

At the point when utilizing this jQuery module, you can use all the standard elements of CanvasJS, alongside a developed list of capabilities that incorporates dynamic redesigns, panning and zooming, occasions and trading as pictures.

The diagrams perform genuinely well for huge information sets and the essential bundle incorporates 24 diverse outline sorts, all of which are responsive.


  • aiCharts


Premium JS Charting

Highcharts $

Fusioncharts $

Ex of Integrations, Speciality Plugins, Mobile$s


This directive lets you use jqPlot with Angular 1 AngularJS directive for Highcharts

EZ Fancy JS - Bubble Charts

  • Clustered -

  • Raphael graphics library based

  • gRaphael – create stunning charts on your website
  • ICO
  • Elycharts

Others $ for IOS, Android

  • NChart3D ios+Android - It has native bindings both for iOS and Android. comes with a full set of financial chart types.

  • RChart (pre Honeycomb - Api 11 UI)

  • $? Steema TeeChart TeeChart for Android Beta. It includes a Candle Series and support for other financial series and indicators.

  • Orson Charts (3D charts for Android)

Super Light Weight --->

Sparklines JQ

  • small inline charts
  • - div element to CANVAS mini pie, line or bar chart

jQuery Sparklines

jQuery plugins that can be used to create small inline charts. These small inline charts or sparkline are displayed in the browser by using the data given via HTML or javascript. As mentioned jQuery Sparklines are small inline charts. They do not display axis labels. It is primarily intended to show trends or patterns and small enough so that they can be used inline along with texts. The data in the graph is not displayed in the axis labels, but hovering the mouse upon the chart gives the data that it is currently displaying. The plugin is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and most modern web browsers. The following are the browsers compatible with jQuery Sparklines. jQuery sparkline is an open source plugin and is free to download. The website provides a good documentation for the plugin.


– tiny high-performance JavaScript 2D/3D polyline simplification library extracted from Leaflet)

Online - Google Chart Tools

– powerful, free, simple to use, and it has everything from simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree maps, the chart galley provides a large number of well-designed chart types.

Heavier JS ---> BM$ license fee

A - D3 Free, bit complex -- Best for Data Viz

  • SMALLER data visualization
  • – a declarative data visualization library
  • Chartbuilder – D3.js based front-end charting application that facilitates easy creation of simple beautiful charts

  • and variants OS uses JavaScript, HTML, SVG and CSS to really bring data to life - no JQ, lots of ex protyping tool - lots of examples xcharts building custom charts and graphs nvd3 builder tool re-usable charts and chart - can drop down to d3 dc.js also protoviz - older - pre-D3 same team

    • Scott Murray free book on D3 called Interactive Data Visualization for the Web and Dashing D3 tutorials. $ Plotly.js – client-side, interactive JavaScript graphing library, built on top of D3.js and stackgl

DataMaps – Maps for interactive data visualizations - d3 based Cytoscape.js – open-source JavaScript graph library for analysis and visualization

  • diagrams based

  • Mapping - d3 is good

B+ $? - great looking 90 types - LOTS of biz-dashboards


FusionCharts likewise offers a jQuery module ( which packs all the integrity of FusionCharts – shrewd outline, liveliness furthermore, a rich intelligent ordeal. The graphs work flawlessly over all gadget sorts including PCs, Macs, Android gadgets and additionally iPads and iPhones. It's likewise in reverse good with programs up to IE6.

This jQuery graphs module has some truly capable components. Outlines can be rendered from JSON information, XML information, or HTML tables. Numerous regular occasions that happen through the lifetime of a graph are uncovered (there's a full rundown here ( interface/fusioncharts/fusioncharts-events.html)), along these lines making it simple for you to connect audience members to perform particular activities.

They have a convenient use guide ( guide/utilizing with-javascript-libraries/jquery/introduction.html) to offer you some assistance with getting started with the module and live code bits ( fiddles/) you can utilize specifically. The module and code tests are likewise accessible on Github (

It's the best charting library I've seen. I've used them for web projects and iOS projects as well since they have now JS versions of everything.

Pretty complex graphics, wide range of charts, and even real-time widgets which can fit your particular needs for this project.

They're not free but totally worth it to consider. I've done everything related to pilots and demo projects with the trial version.

Check them out at

it was a good thing beside amCharts too , I might rethink about the whole matter again , but still Shinobi is better for larger data sets

B+ $$ Highcharts - lots of demos -- jsfiddle


Highcharts (Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage) is another well known JavaScript diagramming library. It was discharged in 2009 and its appropriation has always developed from that point forward. It offers basic graphs, maps, what's more, stock diagrams.

You can download the jQuery connector from the primary download page (Download | Highcharts) alongside the Highcharts library itself. It permits you to investigate all the effective components without the need to manage vanilla JavaScript.

Like FusionCharts, it additionally bolsters all programs (counting IE6), gadgets, and stages. There's really great group support for Highcharts and you can discover all the modules created by the group on this page ( registry).

Demo area (Highcharts demos | Highcharts), which permits you to get up and running quick.

  • download, extract highcharts.js, jQuery, jq compatable rails.js file .. ~/DevZ/GrCharts/HighCharts-3.0.9 (you can look at demos through index.html in root)

    • extract the highcharts.js file into our application’s /public/javascripts directory
    • RoR4 already has jquery, jquery ujs gems/js adapters add to layouts ..
  • x OLDER- this is for ror3.2 javascript_include_tag "highcharts" <%= javascript_include_tag "jquery-1.4.2.min", "rails", "highcharts" %>

  • Add a chart div tag with an ID tag on view where you want the chart ..

    x <%= will_paginate(@orders) %>


  • Add JS to create a Highcharts.Chart object and assign a div id

  • in same file (as some parts are dynamic in ERB)

  • The data here is static - but we would like to generate a @variable ..

  • Configure options // Custom tooltips in one line - sx date is formatted better and number is formatted better tooltip: {
    formatter: function () {
    return Highcharts.dateFormat("%B %e %Y", this.x) + ': ' +
    '$' + Highcharts.numberFormat(this.y, 2);

  • Details of options to look and feel

    • also can see examples ..

$ Telerik Rad Chart

$$ ShinobiCharts

ShinobiControls **

It costs a few bucks I think, but man oh man is it easier than core-plot, which is the name that usually comes up when you search iOS charts

Shinobi is way easier and looks way better.

$$ SciChart - andr,ios

SciChart (Realtime Charts for Android) SciChart's number one selling point is performance, and it is able to display millions of data-points in real-time.

In the video below, at 3m30s you can see SciChart iOS's big data capabilities, able to display 3 million points pretty much instantly and zoom and pan with no loss of performance, or data.

$500 shinobi - FAST, android+ios

Shinobi is amazingly fast and they've been working pretty hard at the UI aspect of the libraries. It's definitely a great contender. –

authors> Coreplot is good for an open source option, but struggles with large data sets. We've developed a suite of speedy iOS controls. We're launching charts soon, there's free trials, if you're interested?

author ColinE> We have some pretty good looking charts. They also have very good performance, rendering charts with 100,000+ points at 60fps and multi-touch support.

As a full disclosure, I work for Scott Logic which is the parent company for ShinobiControls. Shinobi Charts :

Shinobi is very lightweight and perfect. Shinobi Controls released their new charting library, Shinobi Charts. This is a paid library but with a free 30 day trial available. It features several chart types, from Pie and Donut to Bar and Column and Area charts.Shinobi comes packaged with a comprehensive set of apple style documentation.

Advantage: In terms of the smoothness of the interaction with the charts, Shinobi has a clear advantage. Pan and zoom have momentum and smoothly move to the new range requested. The performance of the Shinobi interaction is also markedly better than Core Plot, especially when there are a lot of labels visible on the chart.

Price plans :

ShinobiControls is worth of buying , it provides iOS software and Android components to ease the development of native, cross platform mobile apps.

Infragistics * FAQ at

their PM> Infragistics is also a lot cheaper than Shinobi. It does support Candlestick & OHLC financial series and has financial indicators & trendlines built in too. They have a grid and charts. It's currently in public beta but you can download it for free for now.

Disclaimer: I'm the Product Manager for all mobile products at Infragistics.

$ KeepEdge TUTE:

The KeepEdge iPhone Charting Library for iPhone Objective-C is a paid library with a free trial available. It features a wide range of chart types, ranging from a standard line chart to Stock High Low charts and 3D Clustered Bar charts. KeepEdge does include a TimeSeries chart, with a date/time axis.

Price plans :


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