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READING Programs - usually sold to K-8 Schools to meet State goals

Mkt Review


  • App claims to be the #1 Learn-to-Read program, after further investigation that award seems to be self proclaimed.

  • CORE: HOMER Learn & Grow READING Programs with personalized learning plans

  • Learning Activities. Kids can develop skills through stories, phonics lessons, songs, their own voice recordings, drawing, and more.
  • My child has used the app and it has helped his word comprehension and reading ability.
  • READING Levels
  • Does not return to the level your child was on before crashing, very frustrating for a 4 year old to constantly have to start over.
  • SUBJECT-FAVEs-specific reading lessons include some of kids' favorite topics, such as holidays, planes, and dinosaurs.

  • Preschool kit for Prereaders

  • Boost ACCESS to learning journey: Continue Reading levels in Preschool
  • Prereaders can use this app independently with the app's verbal instructions and visual prompts.
  • My 3 yo was diagnosed with leukemia one month after her birthday. She loved her school so much, but could no longer attend due to treatments. She was on such a good track learning at daycare/pre-k, and we didn’t want her to fall behind. So I ordered a preschool kit that I could teach her at home, and the Homer subscription to supplement her writing and creativity. It also provides a nice “break from learning” in the school setting when they start to get restless. People just need to understand what they are getting and make sure you know how to use your device. If you have battery issues, disable notifications and the auto brightness level on your screen (that one drains A LOT of battery no matter the app). Other bugs happen with any app. Even the almighty iPhone has a ton of bugs with every upgrade. That doesn’t mean it’s the app causing the issue.

  • Content - Backend Repository

  • Content should be fun for kids
  • Prereader voice "READ A STORY TO ME" should be good voices
  • Reading Content is decent
  • Some content can take a little while to load, which may frustrate little ones.

  • Problem: Kids RAPIDLY outgrown the format and the content

  • Within the year my daughter used this only a few times without experiencing some issue or another on her ipad.
  • Homer knows very well that kids outgrow apps like they outgrow clothes So, subscribing to is definitely not worth $80.00 per year for the cute format and content offered and the Homer company policies can easily trap people like a bad magazine subscription that is very difficult to cancel.
  • BOOKS ARE BETTER: The software is quite laggy. Buy a book for your kid.

  • Parents setup and Configure Kids Know, personalization

  • Subscription gives up to four kids the ability to personalize learning level and preferences.
  • Create a new user profile
  • Onboarding parents answer a series of questions about what their kids know, which leads to a personalized learning plan.
  • Once in, parents can also choose which activities and subject areas kids can access.

  • Parental Controls

  • Some activities require parents to allow access to their device's microphone.

  • Stability, Quality Improvements

  • app crashes constantly and takes up a considerable amount of memory.
  • On crash data loss .. my daughter discover her Wicklegs charachter had been completly reset.

  • BM$ Subscription, Trial

  • Upon downloading, parents must create an account and choose a subscription model: $9.99/month or $59.99/year.
  • 30-day TRIAL Both subscription types start with a 30-day free trial.

    Dodgy Trial makes it hard to cancel your 30 day trial. Think carefully before entering your credit card information.

  • Support Main pages Auto-signs up for Annual subscription! Unfortunately, there were glitches and some of my app purchases disappeared. When I tried to figure out what happened I was sent to an online site. I thought I had to sight in there to get support for my apps. Little did I realize I had just signed up for a yearly subscription base. I was never notified of this. I was charged 79.95 a year later.
  • Auto-Renew Scam

    I turned off auto renew--selection off .. I discovered to my disappointment that our browser still indicated auto renew was on. Upon at least 15 attempts to turn off this feature I was each time redirected to the home page, as though it has been input. I sent messages to the company through several messages in contact areas on the website. It has been over 36 hours without responce, during which time social sites have posted and I now have a pending bank charge for $79. Parent feels Expensive and Charges Will Renew Unauthorized! Beware! I bought a subscription for my grandson and he enjoyed it for a few months. I forgot about the subscription and yesterday found a charge for $79.99 on my credit card bill . I wrote customer service to cancel my subscription and refund my money. But, it is their policy, customer service rep "Fanny" stated, to renew subscriptions without giving customers any warning email.

  • MARKET EXPANSION from Reading to Math Fundas

  • Expanding from IOS (iPad focus). At the time of this review, the updated app was available for iOS only; the developer claims that an Android update is coming

  • Expanding Scope - beyond reading - for PRE-READERS too!

  • HOMER Learn & Grow is a redesigned version of what used to be called HOMER Reading: Learn to Read.
  • Also touch on other early learning themes such as foundational math concepts and creativity.

  • Child laws, Privacy

  • Read the developer's privacy policy for details on how your (or your kids') information is collected, used, and shared and any choices you may have in the matter, and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change.

  • Promoted by as of 3/1/2021

  • Advertising on CNBC as a solution for Covid - featuring black child learning on a tablet.
  • Rev share with review sites eg - https://www.commonsensemedia.org/app-reviews/homer-learn-grow
  • Signed up with a black Friday coupon.
  • DISCOUNT off push! annual subscription (regularly $119.88) is now $70

  • Homer learning app review: a fun personalized reading app for kids


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