Kotlin Native, KT on JVMs

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k on JVM Platforms

JVM Interop

How to use Kotlin code from Java: start using Kotlin today

Kotlin Koans - Kotlin Programming Language

r Kotlin Native

Kotlin/Native for Us

kN 101

In future, support for native binary will also be included thanks to Kotlin Native. https://www.infoq.com/news/2017/11/kotlin-native-ios-support


r KN

KotlinConf 2017 - Deep Dive into Kotlin/Native by Andrey Breslav - YouTube

Options for cross-platform iOS/Android development in 2017 | Patrick Nollet | Pulse | LinkedIn San Francisco Sr. Android Engineer | Java, Node, Kotlin - Senior Android Engineer... DropBoxManager | Android Developers This Week in Programming: Kotlin Eats Your Lunch - The New Stack Kotlin, dragging Java into the modern world | OptimalBI Kotlin, The Future of Android’s Programming Language | 41studio Use BUCK in Android projects to speed up your build-time. - Viblo How to Upload Images to DropBox In Java The Mysteries of Dropbox by John Hughes · Eventil kotlin google drive - Google Search

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r Kotlin Compile to Native

IOS Kotlin Native QUIK

FULL in Store Apps Kotlin/Native

FULL OS App Samples in Kotlin/Native


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