Kotlin SwMgt, Team Src Control, TDD

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Kotlin SwMgt

Kotlin Team Src Control, Build

Team Management

Src Control

Android Library Publishing

android bitbucket publishing library - Google Search maven - How to publish a closed source library to jCenter? - Stack Overflow The Complete Guide to Creating and Publishing an Android Library How to publish an Android library: a mysterious conversation | Info | The Guardian Creating and Publishing an Android Library Building your own Android library · codepath/android_guides Wiki Publish with Gradle on Bitbucket – Stef' – Medium Publish an Android library on jCenter – Elias – Medium Guide to publishing your Android Library via Jcenter/Bintray · Crushing C.O.D.E Publish AAR to jCenter and Maven Central

Build Systems


Static Analysis

Linting your Kotlin Builds - IntelliJ IDEA Inspections – Hadi Hariri

Tools for Development

Doc Gen

  • Documenting code & Generating docs .. https://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/kotlin-doc.html

Kotlin TDD

ros TDD

Mocking Kotlin with Mockito – Hadi Hariri What BDD has taught me – Hadi Hariri Test setups and design smells – Hadi Hariri TDD: your insurance policy – Hadi Hariri


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