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KT for US

All examples, IS,BR,Alarms,Timers


kotlin contacts - Google Search PaNaVTEC/Clean-Contacts: Clean Architecture implementation on Android

Kotlin Intermediate r blogs

Free Online Training "Boost your Android productivity with Kotlin" How Kotlin became our primary language for Android – UPTech Team LiME Creative Labs - El blog de Antonio Leiva sobre diseño y desarrollo de interfaces en Android

kAndr Webview Wrappers

mcxiaoke/kotlin-koi: Koi, a lightweight kotlin library for Android Development. - KOTLIN webview wrapper - Google Search - QuaestioOrg/android-kotlin-webview: An Android WebView simply converted from Java to Kotlin using the basic Android Studio tool. - Tutorial for displaying a website in an Andriod app using a Webview component - Android and the WebView

Full Kotlin Ex

SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Gallery: A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads. SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Calendar: A simple calendar with events, customizable widget and no ads.

AR KT our strategy

KEY: Android is ONLY true leg for Kotlin to stand on!

Android dev being messed with China/Huawei OS, React, NG-Ionic, Fluttr, Fuscia

KEY: iOS is the test case for Kotlin to engage - if it doesn't work ios+andr - screwed!

KEY: Java-First - JVM progs will stick to Standard Java - not migrate to "NEW" lang

KEY: Java base is declining

KEY: It is VERY Early days for kJS - experimental - Stay Away

KT What Why


Why, Compare Lang

  • Scala 65Mb - cut using proguard - but as you start using it .. size grows
  • Closure
  • Groovy - performance poor - NY Timea app
  • Swift - not for google
  • Java 10 - ANDROID today is really

Why Convincing your boss

made by JetBrains open source, non-profit foundation pragmatic safe(r than Java) “good” magic ✨

Why Kotlin

Kotlin/Native Tech Preview: Kotlin without a VM | Kotlin Blog

Kotlin for grumpy Java developers – Pinterest Engineering – Medium https://antonioleiva.com/kotlin-for-android-introduction/ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ReS3ep-hjxWA8kZi0YqDbEhCqTt29hG8P44aA9W0DM8/edit?hl=es&forcehl=1

Kn for Android - faster perf?

Why Compared to Java

  • Google adopted as 2nd official language for Android after Java

  • Relatively fast learning curve: compared to Scala for instance, we are moving in a much simpler scope. Kotlin is much more limited, but it´s easier to start if you´ve never used a modern language before.

  • Lightweight: Kotlin library is small compared to others. This is important because Android method limit is always a problem, and though there are some options to solve it such as proguard or multidexing, all of these solutions will add complexity and will be time consuming when debugging. Kotlin adds less than 7000 methods, more or less the same as support-v4.

  • Highly interoperable: It works extremely well with any other Java libraries, and the interoperability is very simple. That´s one of the main ideas the Kotlin team kept in mind while developing this new language. They want to use it to continue developing their current projects written in Java without having to rewrite the whole code. So

  • Kotlin needs to be extremely interoperable with Java code.

Why Not

Making complicated apps on iOS using Kotlin will be difficult, but you can make some simple apps.

KT BPR, Scaling, Use Cases

Leaders BPR Cases

How we made Basecamp 3’s Android app 100% Kotlin – Signal v. Noise

KT Use Cases

  • Basecamp https://m.signalvnoise.com/how-we-made-basecamp-3s-android-app-100-kotlin-35e4e1c0ef12 https://m.signalvnoise.com/some-of-my-favorite-kotlin-features-that-we-use-a-lot-in-basecamp-5ac9d6cea95

It's a Kotlin, Kotlin, Kotlin World (London Android Meetup July 2017) // Speaker Deck

KT History & Language Evolution

Versions, History


Adds Coroutines, Type Aliases, Improved JavaScript ...


https://blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin/2017/11/kotlin-1-2-released/ http://kotlinlang.org/docs/reference/whatsnew12.html

On the language front, Kotlin 1.2 provides improved smart casts and type inference in certain cases; a new kotlin.math package in the standard library; and new standard library functions to work with sequences and collections.

Kotlin’s compiler has become significantly faster in version 1.2, outperforming Kotlin 1.1’s by 25%. Further improvement is planned for future minor releases of 1.2.


immutable collections universal serialization type classes multiplatform metaprogramming

kN AR Review and Comparisons

Compare to Swift for IOS

Swift vs Kotlin for real iOS/Android apps

Kotlin and Swift. Is it a whole new era in Mobile Development?

Comparisons with other esp JVM languages

  • vs Scala: Light, Better tools and faster compile-debug

  • vs Py: Static typing so has same performance as Java

  • Perfectly integrated with Android Studio and Gradle: we have one plugin for the IDE and another one for Gradle, so it won´t be difficult to start an Android project using Kotlin (this is what I´ll talk about in the next article).

  • Ironically could make JNI, use of C++ easier in Java projects

  • Swift for Java ecosystem .. pushing heavily into Web Services, etc. might get used for IOS too

  • Somewhat inspired by Objective-C for IOS API integration?

Roadmap 2019?

There is a roadmap from jetbains that includes making code reusable on iOS.


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