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Liver Takeaways Keys, Actionable

Hydration is vital - water is transport - blood, lymph

A Lime, Lemon water eg with Tea

A Sipping Green, Eating Greens - Methylation - cleanses liver!

  • Artichokes - supposedly contains compounds that stop growth of liver tumors and cysts
  • Argula - purging effect on liver but gentler than commercial flushes
  • Asparagus - flavonoids high anti-inflammatory like aspirin = soothe boost liver immune system

A Herbs are High Power

  • Celery - purges liver, also lowers HR, heals gallbladder dissolving stones there, opens up bile duct
    • supposedly breaks up fat in liver
  • Cilantro - binds onto toxic heavy metals, and cleanses liver.
    • Helps regenerate nerve tissue eg around the liver
  • Cucumbers - soothing and highly hydrating - filled with minerals
  • Dandelion Greens and Root Teas - diuretic, helps clean out your system

A Aloe Vera fights NAFLD

  • 2 or more inches/day helps

Roots vegetables : Garlic, Onions, Radishes, Carrots,

Root vegetables have to fight the bacteria in soils, so they contain a lot of the things that help fight these pathogens in human bodies. So they help boost immune system.

  • Garlic are the best - medical, pungent, astringent quality helps fight pathogens
  • Onions are less strong, use these if sensitive to garlic.
  • Green Onions are like herbs and root veggies.
  • Sweet Potatoes.

Claim? > Predators will increase eating of wild green shoots and roots to cleanse own livers.

Sea vegetables

  • Dulse, Kelp
    • mineral salts like Iodine natural antiseptic to liver vs virus/bacteria
    • Also boost bile production potency

Cruciferous Vegetables

These are rich in sulphur compounds - may serve to kill bacteria and virus in GI tract. Boost livers own immune system.

  • Brussels Sprouts - possibly most potent in this family for helping cleanse liver.
  • Broccoli -
  • Kale
  • Raishes
  • Red Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Watercress
  • Kohlrabi
  • Collar Greens
  • Broccoli Rabe
  • Mustard Greens

Plant Mostly diet - helps cleanse liver

Fiber - flax, chia, wheat bran etc - helps body flush out Liver Fat as bile absorbed!

Keto Myth - Reduce Fat in diet - just not good for IR, NAFLD, Cholesterol

  • Only exception is nuts in diet!

Fasting works - give your body a break - esp Liver!

Healing fruits: Carrots, Beets, Apricots,

  • Fructose in fruits serve as quick fuel to liver

  • Bananas - also soothes GI including nerves in lining.

  • Carrots - best eaten raw
    • Vitamin C high content - boosts immune system* Beets - try to only eat organic - avoid the often GMO-modified varieties common for factory sugar.

SPICES that heal

  • Cardomom
  • Tumeric .- best taken as fresh Haldi root
  • Ginger - wonder - esp fresh grated or in tea

? MILK THISTLE - 1 dropperful daily to cleanse lier

Apples, Amla and Berries - high in soothing Antioxidants

  • Apples contain Pectin - soothe gi tract

  • Amla berry - 2 tsp daily

  • In particular raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

  • Cranberries - anthocyanin - prevents oxidation
    • The harsh fruit acid in cranberries - strips cell membranes off pathogens
    • Vitamin C high content - boosts immune system
  • Cherries - high in pigment anthocyanin acts as degreaser, dispersing gluey toxins
  • Loaded with antioxidants - helps boost immune system of liver - preventing infections and countering toxins.

Cleansing Liver - safely

  • Livers which clean rest of the body accumulate the most damage.

Mg, Zn - vital for enzyme action - heavily deficient

Liver Mythos

Ox Bile supplement

Touted for sluggish liver, adding bile supposedly helps breakdown fats, helping digestion.

  • Unlikely as foreign to human - alien chemical
  • Cheaply extracted as waste product of factory butchering/animals raised in horribly toxic systems
  • SIMPLER to reduce fat intake into body!

Eating animal livers are good for you

  • Why people eat animal livers esp cow, chicken or pig livers
  • Some people love the taste - having eaten it since childhood
  • It is good for you has been drilled - containing vitamins and minerals in concentrated form.

  • Yes Livers contain vitamins and minerals in concentrated form.

  • Supposedly predators will avoid eating the livers (amongst other internal offal or "waste" organs). This is claimed that they don't want to be exposed to toxins in these organs. In fact it is claimed that these predators will increase eating of wild green shoots and roots to cleanse own livers.
  • One exception in the wild you will find sharks eat dolphin livers out, as the minerals are concentrated there. However, oceans till recent decades had been very pure and pristine.

  • HARD TO FIND CLEAN LIVERS - The factory raised animals are likely to have massive toxic residues in all parts of the body.

  • LIVERS ARE TOXIC-SUCKING SPONGES. Livers which clean rest of the body accumulate the most damage.

Recipes for Liver

ch 39

Liver 101

2000 Chemical Factory - protects against toxic poisoning

All pharma drugs can harm liver - as liver "processes" them => Potency dosage BALANCE!

Liver stores 400 cal ? of glycogen for energy to

Liver processes fructose, sugars, fats and stores in it => Fatty Liver


  • Medical Medium Liver Rescue, Anthony William - read 11/20/2019 - esp ch 37, 38 rescue

Liver 102 - Disease Pathways

Alcohol kills liver cells - leads to cancers

Heavy Metals

Animal Meat, Dairy is toxic to Liver - Nitrites, Endotoxins

Too much fat in liver hurts function!

Try to get off meds - all can harm liver

Diabetes 2.0 - Heavy Insulin Dependent


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