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m Notes Market Analysis and Review

v.5> SIMPLE Cross-Platform +Backup/auto-Save

Standardnotes.org - OS, encrypted, MD, thumbprint

Simplenotes.com - OS gh

Title is basically gonna be whatever you put in the first line

Mac Notes

  • iCloud sync

Zoho Notebook ?free - like google Keep with notebooks

Google Keep

  • PostIt format only
  • Does not have long form scriptiong

v1 Journal+TODO-NOTES Simple combination

Agenda - notes in date - ios/mac



v1.5 NOTE HEAPS - Cross Platform-Sync Majors - Subscription as BM$

Key features in this class

  • Organize similar into "Heaps"
  • Search rather than Browse/organizing
  • Annotation abilities in great depth
  • Recording audio, pictures, etc..
  • SaaS Cross Platform-Sync : Desk Win/Mac/Lux, Mobile: iOS/Andr, Web



  • Annotation abilities in great depth
  • Recording audio, pictures, etc..


v2.0 Journalling PERSONAL, Rich Diary Apps Other of Interest, OCR, AI, Search

Handwriting: Inpocket Notes App like Moleskin

v2.5Team Notes, Meeting Transcripts

Dropbox Paper

  • Easy
  • Authoring

Quip sales force - team document builder

  • Lists

Unit services

  • Early

Otter Notes - capture meetings

  • audio capture
  • Turn into transcriptions
  • Made really easy

v3.0 OneNoteBOOKs vs Complex Databasey, Templated Apps Other of Interest

Notion - like Mac iNotes+Evernote+Db-WebAuthoring folders>

  • No offline abilities ie Web Focus - ReactJS?


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