m Task Management Market Review Specs4US PVT

By pjain      Published April 29, 2020, 6:08 p.m. in blog Lambda7   

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CORE Project>Tasks>Todo Workflow, Review

Microsoft To Do doesn't support folders right now, so it will show each folder and sub-list as its own individual list. It will ask if you'd like to import sub-tasks as a note on the task or as individual new tasks.

Tasks Execution Syncing Multi-User, Integration - gTasks, Trello

Spreadsheet/GDrive + Smarts + Project, Phase, Start, Finish [x] Task,Member,Start,Finish,StatusE,Comments Attach,Discussion,Remind Outline - Collapse and focus on Projects/Goal, Phase StatusE - green Good, gray, yellow,red Attach - attachments per task eg mp4,pdf,ppt, ?messagingMatrix,doc (s) per Task - (title is task name) +Comment, +Attach - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=TGDBApo3DU4 - https://www.smartsheet.com/?s=4&m=4048


Andr OS

TODO - LvAdd - LvPopupAd - RemindMeAndroidAS - builds

!Tasks for Android for UXD: chk,menu ! Astrid Clone

~g/PomoAndrAS Pure Pomo - focus breaks, standing - pro,longBreak,short break - Preferences, let set times for long,short break - Sound effects, Vibrate on done (diff for …) T ~z/PIMCalTodoReminders/Pomo/ Simple pro,longBreak,short break C /PomoPro Simple tomato backing - simple use this .. C /PomoAndrStericApr2016 - background 3 menu buttons->Detail C /PomoAndrCrapoo - simple circle animation - orange theme C /Pomo/AndrDielson More presences for durations, vibrate on done (hard to understand UI)

m MktRvw

Compare Majors by Features

Feature Notion Todoist Msft Todo Wunderlist
Known For Fast Task Entry, Addon Apps, Integrations++
Pros DayView+Suggested Tasks Smart Lists,Collaboration
------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
Prj Mgt Subtasks
------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
Perf Fast Sync
Adv BM$ Free Pay for Adv Features
Teams No Collab CollabStrong

UXD Gallery by Feature area

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