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Majors Players In USA


  • USP

Others, Tiny


  • OpenTable of health care appointments For Patients ScheduleDoc is a convenient way to find and request medical appointments anytime from anywhere. For Providers, ScheduleDoc can help you fill your unbooked times and find more patients at a great price

  • Promised 1/10th price of ZocDoc ie $300/doctor-year vs Zocdoc $3000/dr-year

  • Target an under-served niche - PT focus

  • Sturdy McKee, FOUNDER -> controlling ceo coach type - his idea 415.350.3663

    • Also medical device company at
    • holds BA/MS,PT from SFSU, San Francisco Sport and Spine Physical Therapy
  • Shamit Khemka, FOUNDER -> techie => SynapseIndia - probably offshore consulting company

  • Funding - self funded

  • Closed down - Batchery,INCUBATOR

Teladoc Health TDOC

  • Teladoc sees a 43% CAGR in Q1'19 with a big rise in membership and higher utilization of its services.
  • A strong moat: a leader in its niches. No competitors claim anywhere close to its market share.

Teladoc Health isn't profitable yet, that's mainly because it continues to invest heavily in expanding its business.

There's already been plenty of expansion. Through a string of acquisitions, Teladoc now has operations across the world, and ranks as the global leader in virtual care. Its client base includes 40% of the Fortune 500, plus thousands of smaller organizations.

Telemedicine offers a less-expensive way to provide some of those services. Teladoc's industry leadership and its broad array of services should give it a solid competitive advantage in capitalizing on this opportunity.


Express Care Online from American Well - large hospital sales driven

Used by Cleveland Clinic, it has been pushed and promoted by this dominant/concentrated hospital chain in the area requesting by Social Media and Patient phone incoming/portal, Cleveland Clinic has asked patients to use Express Care Online instead to coming in to . ... The telemedicine provider powering the service is a privately-held company called American Well which collaborated in early 2020.

Patients are becoming frustrated with the wait times and hanging up. Anonymous providers told CNBC that the technology has been spotty all day, crashed multiple times, and resulted in delays of more than an hour. Another Cleveland Clinic provider is starting to move their appointments to later in the week and is holding off on scheduling time with any more patients until the technology is fixed. Currently, they see a grey screen with a loading circle when they try to login to start a consult with a patient.

American Well’s president Roy Schoenberg, in an email, acknowledged the problems and said that the company is working to fix both the wait times and the IT crashes in the wake of “extreme volumes.” He said that telehealth services, including his own, are generally seeing ”(IT) loads quadruple .. Certain geographies where the public impact of the virus is highest have seen wait times sky rocket from 5 to 10 minutes to 60 to 70 minutes .. resulting in both service crashes or freezes with voluntary member disconnects, which providers might experience as call drops."

Doctor on Demand - consumer driven

A start-up that offers physician visits for $50 to $75, isn’t experiencing IT glitches but it is frantically trying to hire hundreds of doctors.

Doctor on Demand’s CEO Hill Ferguson, said the company is talking to “anyone who’s willing to come help.”

Thus far, Ferguson said, the IT is holding stable, despite that the company has seen “unprecedented demand.” Ferguson describes the infrastructure his engineering team built as “built to handle 10x the scale.”

The big gap, however, is that there simply enough clinicians available for all the patients flooding in. About half of the patients suspect they might have coronavirus; but the rest are calling in to address routine medical needs because they have been advised to avoid seeing a doctor in person.

98point6 - consumer driven

Robbie Cape, the CEO of 98point6, another consumer-focused telemedicine start-up, said it needs to recruit about 100 doctors in the next few weeks to meet the demand.

RO - Agile exploitation HACKATHON - ROLLOUT OF Covid-19 Telehealth System

  • Zachariah Reitano, Ro CEO and Alumnus of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Healthcare in 2020

  • FREE Covid-19 Telehealth Assessment - a telemedicine triage service. Ro launched a for patients seeking guidance and information. This tool was developed in partnership with infectious disease specialists in order to allow patients the ability to report health information such as health history, symptoms, travel history, locale, and proximity to confined cases and using the most up-to date guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • FREE CONSULT to LEAD GEN - If a patient is shown to be at increased risk from the assessment, he or she will be connected to a licensed physician for a free video consultation.

  • PATIENT-UNDERSTANDABLE Covid-19 Resource Hub updated every 24 hours in order to provide patients with the most up-to-date information on coronavirus. A key benefit for patients is that information is presented in a patient-centric manner, even for those who have very limited medical knowledge.

  • ALTERNATIVE GENERIC MEDICINE Sildenafil. Ro publicly announced a relationship with Greenstone Pfizer, a subsidiary of Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), to be the exclusive provider of Ro’s generic Sildenafil. Ro has built relationships such as these to ensure adequate supply of products, while simultaneously bringing the highest quality service to patients. “The active ingredient is from Ireland and the medication is stamped in France. The main intention behind the partnership was to highlight quality and bring transparency to their supply chain,”

In Europe


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