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Makerspaces - Role and Key factors

What do they do?

Makerspaces inspire us to try working with our hands, collaborating with strangers, solving problems for others. These are humble but incredibly important actions that are fading from much of modern life.

Communities are eager to invest in makerspaces to transform their communities and to generate the kind of economic and social impact that the ground-breaking TechShop has had in its existing markets.

Scaling is very hard - People matter a LOT! Adapting to Local Commuity is Vital!

According to some theories of business strategy and competition, scale should have given TechShop a greater chance of long term viability. However TechShop's postmortem by Mr. Woods’ conclusion that the core of the TechShop business model was “impossible.”

There remain (after TechShop death end 2017) a variety of independent makerspaces exploring a variety of business models, for-profit and non-profit alike, and they can be found in nearly every city in America and throughout the world. Each makerspace has adapted to its local community and they provide us with many good examples that are both viable and valuable.

Funding of Company owned Stores is HARD - Franchising Leverages Capital

Operating Expenses, Corporate Staff Costs Matter

  • TechShop had to cut 50% corporate staff, also right-size local shop staff required to oversee continued improvement of our wholly-owned stores and to deliver outstanding managed services to our clients.

Partnership and Franchising or Licensing Models

TechShop is making a fundamental change in how we do business by announcing our new partner licensing model.

  1. Great success internationally with partner-operated stores in France, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates with many more countries in development.

  2. In the US, we are seeing a constant and increasing interest and demand from new markets.

  3. Lots of Speciality Expertise for licensing: design, staffing, equipment provisioning, management, and operating solutions.

  4. Diversity is key. The licensing and managed services strategy will allow us to co-develop new locations with strategic partners – corporations, universities, municipalities, real estate developers

  5. TechShop Announces New Partner Licensing Model - Dan Woods CEO 2017-06

SEG: Playground kids with its catalogue of Do-It-Yourself kits - upward mobile

SEG: Makerspace hobbyists, entrepreneurship

SEG: Industry - extending SMEs

Why Industry needs Makerspaces?

We need a lot of machines. None of the startups can afford them. The equipment are available in different places. KP will be the one-stop shop or all our hardware needs

Co-creation, Collaboration, Interdisciplinary

For co-creating rather than coworking. “You do not function in silos anymore. In today's world, it is all about collaboration. This place will be all about interaction

SEG: Artsy, Maker Faire

Burning man

India's Maker Faire

Maker Faire

  • 2018 seeking to upscale to Bangaluru Palace

XFR Maker Manufacturers

Robotics Kits

Marktech - robotics, model kits

  • Has 600+ SKUs

US Makerspaces and FabLabs

Origin from MIT handson make-hack culture, specific to FabLab

Scaleup from Prototyping at Makerspaces/Fablabs

  • In a digital and courier world - all of India can be "down the road" from a plethora of materials and tools suppliers, making the neighborhood a one-stop shop for making almost anything.

Scale-down to Artsy lighter weight


  • Timeline
  • founded - Visionary Jim Newton and his team
  • 2017 mid - Cut 50% in corporate staffing and right-sizing shop staff
  • 2018-02 end, Bankruptcy

  • Closed after 11 years of experience

  • SFO 15k sqft
  • San Jose
  • Pittsburgh - closed end Summer'17 - "did not fit economically" the TechShop model

  • TechShop to Reopen Dec'17 - seems it unwound later


NextFab is a small network of for-profit makerspaces in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware,

Hacker Dojo, San Jose, CA

Artisan, Boston

  • Boston 40k sqft World famous Artisan’s Asylum, the huge American historical makerspace in Somerville, Massachusetts.




  • explorers, eager to connect with local makers and discover more incredibles places and projects!, by and

  • Makery

CRI - paris - lifelong learning by doing - major media for Maker Movement

Global Makerspaces Articles



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