Making a Life with Meaning and Goals Setting

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Meaning in YOUR life

Why Pursue A Meaningful Life?

  1. Frustrating to chase after Elusive Happiness - the more it eludes you.

  2. We implicitly SEEK a Meaning of Life or Meaning for our Lives passionately! This is not a philosophical esoteric pursuit, ancient navel meditation, spiritual church theology/mysticism, Maslow's Needs hierarchy or the latest in Business Management EQ. Once our core needs are met, we seek fulfillment or satisfaction in "SOMETHING" - which ties with a meaning in our lives. Consider

  3. An infertile mother whose very being yearns has defined her role to seek a baby
  4. An entrepreneur burning a decade of his youth to make his startup succeed - far more effort/time than "just to make money"
  5. Any maestro or athlete who is practicing 5-12 hours a day to hone their skill sets - such passion does not come simply from "need to win"

  6. Why Pursue A Meaningful Life?

  7. Once life has meaning for us, we may then discover happiness, but in any case we will be more fulfilled.

  8. We suffer from an epidemic of stress and exhaustion and feel trapped. Perhaps our very definition of success is broken.

How to Meaning to YOUR life

Belonging - Power of Connection - Who Belongs to Me? Who do I Belong to?

We all need to find our tribe and forge relationships in which we feel understood, recognized, and valued - to know we matter to others.

Purpose - What is my Purpose?

We all need a far-reaching goal that motivates us, serves as the organizing principle of our lives, and drives us to make a contribution to the world.

Tell Your Story - What is my Story?

We are all storytellers, taking our disparate experiences and assembling them into a coherent narrative that allows us to make sense of ourselves and the world.

Transcend the mundane daily to mystery and awe of life

During a transcendent or mystical experience, we feel we have risen above the everyday world and are connected to something vast and meaningful. ACTION: By seeking out mystery we can immeasurably deepen our lives. Instead of pursuing unsatisfying small pleasures, by seeking something deeper/vaster, we get strength in ourselves too.

Applying Meaning to YOUR life - Action Plan

REFLECT ON WHAT MATTERS TO YOU - Trust yourself, Respect oneself

Finding meaning is not the result of "some great revelation" but rather finding the simple, small gestures and humble acts that matter or speak to you!

Write down any small set of purposes - don't have to be Earth Shaking

Finding our purpose and opening ourselves to life's mystery can we find true well being. Combining cutting-edge research with storytelling, The Power of Meaning inspires us to zero in on what really matters." - Arianna Huffington, author of Thrive

Write a path to a small purpose - Understand All Paths lead to ___!

There is no ONE or GODLY path to what truly matters.

There is a story about Valmiki the author of the Ramayana who started life as Ratnakar, a robber once tried to rob sage Narad who persuaded him that his family would not share sins of his robbing and killing people. The sage told him the story of Lord Rama and had him recite God's name "Mara" (meaning dead), but in endless repetition till anthills grew on him, Ratnakar went from chanting "MARA-MARA…MA.RA.MA.RA.MA" to "RAMA.RAMA.RAM….RAM-RAM-RAM-RAM……" and attained divine enlightenment to write this famous epic on Lord Rama's life - a story that touches the hearts of 1.3 billion Indians. The moral of this story is that the EXACT path doesn't necessarily matter - just be sincere and start the journey.

Healing, Growth and Resilience through Finding Meaning

  • Often there is a very fine line between being nearly broken and to


Book: The Power of Meaning: Crafting a Life That Matters by Emily Esfahani Smith

In a culture obsessed with happiness, this wise, stirring book points the way toward a richer, more satisfying life. Instead she advocates the four pillars of meaning”: belonging, purpose, storytelling and transcendence. Too many of us believe that the search for meaning is an esoteric pursuit—that you have to travel to a distant monastery or page through dusty volumes to discover life’s secrets. The truth is, there are untapped sources of meaning all around us—right here, right now. To explore how we can craft lives of meaning, Emily Esfahani Smith researches and synthesizes a kaleidoscopic array of sources—from psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and neuroscientists to figures in literature and history such as George Eliot, Viktor Frankl, Aristotle, and the Buddha.

Emily says Sufism or Taṣawwuf (Arabic: التَّصَوُّف‎), is a mystical example of all four pillars meeting for spiritual sessions and practiced under teachers. - you belong to a group - its theology expresses a purpose - the meaning is transmitted through origin stories and other stories, - the rites and rituals of the church or group supply transcendent experiences.

Drawing on this, Smith shows us how cultivating connections to others, identifying and working toward a purpose, telling stories about our place in the world,


Emily grew up in Montreal, Canada to a Zen-Sufism practicing family. She graduated from Dartmouth College and earned a master of applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. - Forget About Being Happy - WSJ - Sufism - Wikipedia


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