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Review of Ratings

  • Not worth seeing anything under IMDB 7
  • Niche movies ratings are useless - only diehard fans rate - biased

Action and Super Hero Movies

Plot, Limitations, Canon Matter to Fans

The canon and franchise is a deep one - it takes passion to maintain the thread.

Keep Thesis Alive - Canon can get Obsolete

Both Wonder Woman and Captain America were created in the days just prior to the United States’ entry into World War II. Both had costumes that evoked the red-white-and-blue of the American flag, and both spent their earliest days in comic book form fighting the Axis powers.

But canon can get obsolete - eg Cold War is over, even terrorism as a concrete enemy is over. Are they going to retarget to anonymous terrorists that don't carry weight, by Zionist like anti-Iran, be anti-China. N. Korea as a case just is not credible threat in public eye as "too tiny" even if its ICBM-nukes can reach parts of USA.

Action Movies - Stunt-heavy and HIGH bar - TV-like just don't work!

Role of Romance to Broaden Appeal to Women AND men

Super Hero Franchises Work - but Bar is High, one bad can Kill

Marvel franchise designed to work well, they were able to string together a coherent set of movies... Iron Man 1 and 2 or Captain America 1 and 2 had a cause and effect relationship, actions of heroes meant something, and architect individual roles and weaknesses.

Female-led Superhero movies haven't Worked

? Do women like it? Do Men Hate it?

Woman-led superhero movies just weren’t popular. This was based on a sample size of two: Elektra and Catwoman, but then reinforced by the WW84, Black Widow'21 and couple of post-Thanos movies.

One problem with Elektra and Catwoman had bad female leads.

Wonder Woman 1984 stands out like a sore thumb - little correlation to dogma/canon.

However, plenty of man-led superhero films tanked, too

--- Review of Select Recent Movies

Black Widow (2021) - Hard to Understand

Wonder Woman TV Show and Movies

WW 3 sequel to FIX FRANCHISE

Surprised studio executives hastily announced a threequel was in the works, with Jenkins and Gadot set to return.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) - IMDB 5.4, RT 86%

? Do women like it? Do Men Hate it?

  • Disappointing
  • Boring

  • Key Problem was that WW first movie was a massive hit, finally muting (if not completely silencing) the sexist naysayers, and the sequel was green-lit instantly.

  • To be fair, Wonder Woman 1984 faltered where its predecessor succeeded can be blamed on COVID killing theater sales overall.

  • Warner/HBO Max No revenue - "eyeballs" not real payments or subscribers. Streaming might be the future, but Warner’s foray into the medium is off to a rocky start. HBO Max has a similar feature to Netflix where one subscription can be shared among five people with separate profiles. One account can equate to a handful of users, which is what drove Wonder Woman 1984’s performance on the platform. Add to that the roughly 30-40 million people who already had HBO and got HBO Max for free and you’ll see how inflated the numbers are.

  • Warner Bros.’ hybrid release model eroded some filmmakers’ faith in the studio. Two such directors who heretofore enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the studio, Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder, are already seeking greener pastures at Netflix and elsewhere.

  • WW84 performance was SO BAD that it might have pushed AT&T to dump Warner/HBO to Discovery - saying this was second epic failure - so value of owning movie studies and its own ability to manage media. WW84 is not a good omen for HBO Max’s other big-event releases, starting with The Snyder Cut and Godzilla vs. Kong.

  • Director and story/writer by Patty Jenkins

  • Writers: Geoff Johns(story by)Dave Callaham(screenplay by)

PERIOD PIECE IRRELEVANT! WW was sandwiched between origin in WWI (Red peril/nazi was vague like in Captain America), yet later franchise had put WW in current 2000s era. So dPatty and Geoff decided to take comfort in another period piece, this one taking place in 1984.

VILLAINS MATTER A LOT! Instead of inventing worthwhile SELF-EVIDENT adversaries, it recycled old comics Cheetah and Maxwell Lord, created as an industrialist. Problem is if you were not invested in WW canon (who is?) then these pale and don't help WW.

Patty Jenkins originally only intended to be involved in the first WW film, but she was quickly signed to do a second (and third, and a spinoff). She collaborated with Geoff Johns, a longtime comics writer and the liaison between the comics end of DC and the DC Extended Universe on the sequel film’s story, and they wrote the script together with Dave Callaham.

  • Budget $200 m, USD BOX $167m global, US/Canada $47m

    The film did poorly in China on opening weekend, making a paltry $18.8 million and falling far behind the box office numbers for mediocre Chinese sci-fi. Overall it performed worse in 32 other territories by raking in altogether $38.5 million, a figure which also includes $5 million in IMAX ticket sales - this was barely China sales alone of WW WWI period piece

  • Long 2:31 Action

  • Story Failure .. The plotline was so shallow and showy-offy. It had no depth like the first one.. Plot was confusing. Superrhero movies CANNOT stand alone any more - WW84 made no sense. Things just happen coincidentally for no other reason that to advance the plot, characters have no reason to behave the way they do and clear rules that are set out in the beginning of the movie are just flat out ignored later on. When attempting to try something high concept like Maxwell Lords powers, you really have to establish early on what are the rules.

  • PLOT In 1984, during the Cold War, Demigod Diana Prince comes into conflict with two formidable foes—media businessman Maxwell Lord and friend-turned-enemy Barbara Ann Minerva while reuniting with her love interest Steve Trevor.

Internet comments criticized it’s numerous plot holes which cannot be simply disregarded. - Steve Trevor’s soul somehow making a return and possessing the body of a random person - Movie contradicting its own timeline by depicting Independence Day in the middle of winter - Greater continuity issues in the context of the DCEU

WW Cameo Appearances

Diana’s subsequent appearances in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League taking place in contemporary times.

Wonder Woman (2017) - End All Wars IMDB 7.4

Diana had better performance in the winter soldier movie WW was a massive hit, finally muting (if not completely silencing) the sexist naysayers, and the sequel was green-lit instantly.

PLOT> When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

Budget $150m, US/Canada $412m, Global $823m


WW84 was basically a 2-hour episode of the Linda Carter TV show, full of cheesy nonsense and dumb fun. I enjoyed it, but agree with you, it could have been so much better had they taken it seriously.


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