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By pjain      Published May 27, 2021, 6:20 p.m. in blog Geo-Politics   

Indian Media Bias - pro-BJP

Indian Media Bias - pro-Conress, anti-BJP

The Quint

Times of India news - anti-BJP, Leftist and sometimes anti-national

Rediff is anti-India, often supporting conciliatory and weak overtures to Pakistan and China favoring policies.

Rediff news is always tilted toward Congress and Left because most or all its writers are leftists or in plain words anti hindu. Anti national organisations have their agenda and it's propogated by writers like Aakar. It requires a keen eye as most of their articles may look harmless.

  • Rediff Seems to glorify Krishna Menon - often seen as reason for China-blindspot - and from leftist Kerala

Politics of India --- xfr --

Congress is anti-Hindu - vote banks Muslim, OBC

Congress is not necessarily anti-hindu but and anti social party undoubtedly.

Communism in India - Kerala

Past Marxist,Maoist Investments in India - Bengali Intellectuals, University Nepotism

Regional Power and Political Parties - Hyper

No comments allowed - Hallmark of Pushing Opinions

  • WSJ doesn't allow comments for opinion pieces (basically editorial view pushing articles).
  • WSJ makes even many "subscribers" unable to post comments to articles (maybe only for university free accounts)

China's Population Control, Spy Infiltration Tactics

Big Tech arrogance vs CCP blunted severely

Target entire Families with even one Black Sheep

The Communist government has already been detaining Afghan Uighurs who travel to Xinjiang to meet their relatives.

Spies inside states implant - Pursue rebels to the death!

Pursuit inside Pakistan

Islamabad, the all-weather ally of Beijing, has supported the latter's inhumane treatment of Uighur Muslims. In the late 1990s, Pakistan failed to help Uighurs who settled in Northwestern tribal areas of the country after fleeing violence in China. They were either deported or assassinated.

Pursuit inside Afghanistan

Afghanistan is also a sought after place for refugees as it shares a small border with Xinjiang, the home of Uighurs. Despite the few opportunities in Afghanistan, some Uighurs chose to stay there.

Now an objective is to target and eliminate Uighur leaders that might have fled from Central Asia to Afghanistan. They would use the eyes and ears of ISI/Afghani terrorists to ensure abandonment of the rebel movement against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Chasing to the ends of the earth would deny save asylums to any CCP rebels.

Now the ISI is helping China extend its "long arm" reach into Afghanistan as well.

  • 25 Dec 2020: Detention of 10 Chinese citizen spies by Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Kabul on charges of espionage and being involved in terrorism leaves Beijing red-faced. Arms, ammunition, explosives, including Ketamine powder, were also recovered from their homes like that of Chinese national Li Yangyang. Chinese national Sha Hung was also arrested. She stayed in the Shirpur area of Kabul and also stocked explosives in her home. These spies held meetings with the Haqqani Network. Pakistan's notorious spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), apparently worked as a mediator between the Chinese spies and the terror outfit.


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