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Interest Channels

Interest Channels Key Factors


Fox News

Conservative, Right Media - Missing in Mostly Liberal Media

In 2020 election Trump got more votes than any other President of the USA except Biden won by a few percentage in a few states.

This indicates the power of the Conservative, Right leaning voter and media base.

“Fox News reclaimed its leadership position as America’s No. 1 cable news network and the most-watched cable network in prime time,” he said before taking a moment to take a jab at rivals. .. MSNBC lost more than one-third of its audience and CNN lost over half,” he said. “Over half.” -- Lachlan Murdoch

Sound-Bytes Controversial Attitude - Gets Attention, Alignment with Radicals

Fox cable channels - several sports channels engage

Strong must-have contracts compensated despite the drop in viewers at Fox News, the network benefited from contractually triggered rate increases that cable operators pay to carry the channel. Licensing fees rose 6% to $1.07 billion.

Advertising mostly not profitable as Companies don't want to Associate with Right Wingers

Advertising fell despite charging higher ad rates.

Fox News and broadcast network - Majority of Viewers and Profits

Fox News still makes up the vast majority of Fox Corporation’s profits. The cable division that houses the news network generated $899 million in pretax income, accounting for 95 percent of the company’s total pretax profit.

Tubi - New Streaming

The company’s businesses include several cable networks and the free streaming platform Tubi.

Sports key Viewership Acquisition

Revenue at most of Fox's businesses dropped on lower viewers as Fox did not host the Super Bowl in 2020.

BM$ Ads key but FB/GOOG/TWTR/SNAP eating online Ads

Fox's 2021 decrease in advertising mirrors the performance at other media conglomerates and spotlights a significant shift in the advertising market. Ad revenue jumped at Facebook, Google and even smaller digital publishers in the first quarter as advertisers were more willing to spend their budget on digital platforms, often at the expense of television.

BM$ Premium Subscriptions

Ownership, Timeline, Business, Stock Tracking

Rupert Murdoch founded it

Lachlan Murdoch, chief executive of Fox Corporation and the son of Rupert Murdoch


  • Total advertising sales fell 24% to $1.2b, with the cable segment, primarily Fox News, seeing ad revenue drop 7% to $283m.
  • Fox beat 7x profit $570m even on yoy -6.5% revenue drop to $3.2b
  • The profit boost was due to an accounting change in how it values assets




NBC, Universal, Comcast holds it

CNN News - Liberal, Left Media




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