Medical Devices, hIOT and Sensors

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Smart Medical Devices and Sensors


  • Meditronic
  • Apple devices etc. pushing the boundary - consumer becoming medical-worthy


Health Monitoring in ER, ICU, In-hospital

ICU, Vitals monitoring

Sepsis Diagnostics - major expense, loss of lives - EKG can detect 8 hours earliers

  • The likelihood of survival rises 7% per hour earlier detected.
    • Kamaleswaran, et al Applying AI to ID Physiomarkers predicting Severe Sepsis in PICU

Remote Monitoring

Companies in this category use AI-driven software to collect and analyze data from wearables, sensors or FDA-approved home devices. While some startups are only providing the software analytics layer, others are developing their own sensors as well.

  • Biofourmis - developing an AI analytics engine that pulls data from FDA-approved home monitoring devices and predicts health outcomes for patients. $42m VC

  • ContinUse Biometrics - developing non-invasive sensor platform for tracking biological vitals, particularly for patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. $28m, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Dental Monitoring - connected orthodontics


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