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Meditation MRD - Market Strategies TOP

STR: Niches Focus Meditations for those ..

Company STR

VC, Fund Raising

PRD - MKT Segments Mkt Analysis, Positioning

Sleep, Calm is key - Stress & Anxiety apps

BP Control - Coaching for Us - breathing, Mediation vs Type A - what is evidence?

Pain Relief, Arthritis - Meditation and Yoga for elderly

x Kids Apps - not going to do it - but

Reverse Chronic Diseases - Ornish key component

POS PROs STR : Much smaller but premium segment

SCR: What Other application positioning? Creativity

Growth - Engage, Viral

Get it Installed

Try DEMO - random "NEW" Free - try this meditation now - occasionally now

Try DEMO Seasonal - try it now

Credibility STR: Get Testimonials from Medical Personnel

ts amazing what this app can do for you. In a busy stressful life its rare that we have the ability to be mindful of ourselves. Its a learning opportunity, refocuses your ability to know yourself. As a healthcare provider, it helps to reach that part of health that we are not taught. I have the companion book also. I hope to convince people that this is necessary

Credibility STR: I was a Tibetan monk for 15 years!


STR: Offer Many Kinds of Meditations - Did not take time or found a “fit”

I've only used this for a few days, but have done several of the meditations. It's good overall, and I'd recommend it. However, some of them are better for self assessment rather than deep meditation. Some ask questions of self reflection during, which makes it difficult to actually meditate, but they do cause you to think and change your line of thought.

Viral - Sharing helps Viral Spread of app

Calm app review> But even though I never checked a "default" you all discontinued my option to share on all social media outlets. Only Twitter. My Friends on Facebook love the quotes. Nevertheless this is the best. /HELP! I'm having that problem again. I want to get out the "default" sharing. I'm just Sharing with Twitter. My Facebook Friends love hearing from you guys.

POS-Engage-Train STR: Getting Started is bottleneck

Engage-Train STR: Companion Book, How To - print bm$, kindle etc ebook pdf FREE!

As a healthcare provider, it helps to reach that part of health that we are not taught. I have the companion book also. I hope to convince people that this is necessary BM$, Freemium Conversion

Notifications to engage

Conversion should remind - but not be too annoying or downrating

I've had no problems as yet. I only use the free stuff so far, but will consider the in app purchases, which aren’t annoying or a barrier to using the app for free.

Engage-Train STR: Videos, How To - boosts getting started!

BM$ and Conversion

Try it First - not just a Demo

Problems: Try 1-2 and if not “fit” or “impressive” Dump it, no Conversion

Try it NOW: Tie Promotions to NY Resolutions, Birthday Gifts, Christmas etc..

I have purchased the full package of meditations and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for creating a fun and easy app -- it has definitely helped me stick to my New Year’s resolution of creating time and space for meditation in my life.

Many Users Resent Pricy Subscription Models

Contrary to other apps that require a monthly fee or a hefty amount to permanently access the full meditation collection, in this one you can buy specific packs that interest you, for reasonable amounts.

No crazy subscription fees. This is miles better than Headspace. Not only because it's free Not pushy when it comes to in app purchases.

Quality of Voice, Graphics critical

"We Care" tone of entire treatment - holistic, soothing, nice - not jarring

Ads as BM$?

Mental Health - I Hate Ads

No ads! Ads is one of my biggest peeves

Ads many simply not be worth for <1m installs, but reduce conversion

BM$ non-sub Pay per content piece - ID by coach

Pro BM$: LOTS of Additional content available for purchase, but plenty of free stuff too.

Peloton Model - Elite Pricing segment

Payment options Fine points

Google Play payment option useful> I have Google play credit i want to use for buying the additional meditations but it's forcing me to use card?

You made a promise and kept it, store payments instead of card payments and I've already purchased 3 new meditations already..

People trust gplay etc payments MORE > unable to make further purchase via Google store such as extended as this requires a card payment. :-( only half complete the payment process.. Nearly there :-( Offline Version

Payment duration 1 month - to 1 year - discounting option

Subscription is ultimate BM$ - Month > Year

I had paid for a month. Loved it so I paid for the year.

I love this app... it's helping me to feel more calm and relaxed in my life. I pay the yearly fee and it's well worth it. CALM is now a part of my morning routine. (As the saying goes... 'One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day'!)

I normally wouldn't pay monthly for (Calm) app but this is very much worth it! If you are just getting started in meditation and have a strong desire to stay consistent in your meditation this is the app for you. In the few days I've had it it has increased my focus and is gradually helping me to connect my spiritual and physical self together. It's an odd feeling but amazing. I do have to admit I have a desire for this work. So, that may be why it's working so well for me but at the same time faith without works is dead and the desire plus the using this tool is yielding great results for me.

Premium: - offline mode as conversion reason to go Pro

please, I like meditating on trains with no wi-fi.

Your meditations are available wherever … travelling on subway, under bridges, or in wildfire > Btw, if I had wifi connection where I meditate

Pro - higher quality sounds, media - those that care do want 128kbs sound

Pro gives higher quality sounds 128bps .. with no noise .. original tracks pay$ to artists

This matters as people want calming not noisy!

Premium: Leverage xDrive to save log

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