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Personas, Core USP = EQ Cycle & Evolution

User PoV Overview

Who is the Customer - Personas

BEGINNER: Checking out Meditation

I've known the benefits of meditating for a while and had tried to do it a number of times, yet couldn't quite get into the swing of it. I never knew if I was doing it right or not. This app helped me out with its guided meditations to the point where I was like "oh, that worked!" and after 2 weeks of daily practice, I could meditate without relying on it as much (like with certain meditations like the Body Scan and Relax, Ground, Clear one). I am more focused now and relaxed and have this app to thank. - review of Stopbreatethink

PRD Req, BPR, Use Cases, Ideas

Language - available for International - can be hard!

App Evolves over time - data driven EFFECTIVENESS

Had to edit my 2015 review of this program. Calm has really come into its own. The updates still have kinks like it did in 2015, but I have picked up little tidbits along the way that have amped up my meditation practice. Totally love it!

Quality App - Tech Scr

VOCAL: Must be pleasant including voice

Her voice is so pleasant. I don't get sick of listening. It's been remarkably easy to do a daily practice. I wake up first thing and do the daily calm. I listen to the sleep meditations at night. I never feel guilty when my mind wanders or I'm not what I thought a meditator should be. :) I highly recommend this. It's been worth every penny, as I'm a better parent and human when I practice.

Battery life

No Noise

The background noise doesn't turn off when I close the app or turn it off via my running apps list. I have to go to the app info page and force stop in order to silence it. (Samsung Galaxy 7) Update 11/18/17: Scenes and the sounds that went with them do not match up (ie. Fireplace should not sound like flowing water and birdcalls). I only hear audio from the Mountain Lake scene.

Long Timer to shut off media if fall asleep or detect “sleep”/HR

I love the sounds and it has helped me fall asleep a couple times. One thing I wish they would add though is a timer for the sounds to turn off. I've found that after listening to a sleep story I've woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of thunder/etc going off from the app and I'd rather not leave it running all night.

I have a small complaint/issie that has only recently started. I think you did am update for iPhone (i am on Android) and now the background music cuts off abruptly after the session has ended. It used to continue so I could come to my senses on my own. Please fix that? also please find a way to normalize the sound. Volume Adjust on Top for personal - ?phone vol control

Some meditations your sweet voice is so quiet and my earphone volume won't go that high so I can't hear you well . And other times it's like you're yelling. If there was a way to fix that, I'd be so happy! Good work otherwise!! Please fix the sound quality! :-)

BM$ Subs across device, family support

FUT> Provide Subscription - ez multi-device investment cross ..Web,iPh,Andr

Health Focus PRD = Habits and Self-Awareness

Mindful Eating

Meditation Tracking 101 - Timers, Logs and Moods to full Journals

Timers and Logs

Moods Journals

Meditation journals Overview

Types of meditation journals

I know that some people use checklist style journals, with lists of distractions and positive factors that can be checked off. The advantage of this is that you can do your journaling very quickly, and that you have ready made categories to help you analyses your experience. But I’m not fond of this kind of journaling. To me it seems to pigeonhole our experience and leads to a superficial understanding of what’s going on in our practice.

I prefer a more unstructured form of journal, where you can write freely about your experience. In this style of journal a blank or lined notebook will do. There are a few brief formalities that precede any entry – the date, the name of the meditation practice, and how long you meditated for. Then you can write more generally about how the practice went – what distractions you had, what you did about them; what positive factors (like calmness, patience, concentration, etc) that were present and what you did to strengthen them. You can write about factors in your life that had an effect on your practice – things like lack of sleep, or a particularly busy day, or that you felt refreshed after a day’s hiking with a friend. One last piece of advice. When you decide to keep a meditation journal, you’ll almost inevitably find that your meditation becomes a rehearsal for the journal entry that follows! You’ll find yourself thinking about what you’re going to write, rather than just getting on with the practice.

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Mental Health Reflections/Surveys - step by step instructions


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