Military Interventions by USA the majority of Super-powers

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History of Military Industrial and MNCs leading US Policy by the Nose

East and Southeast Asian Interventions

Vietnam - US fooled into taking over French colonial ambitions with Commie domino myth

Military Armaments, NRA

S400 ultimatum to Turkey - India/China "exempt"

  • 6/12/19 Turkey has already purchased S-400 defense systems from Russia and hopes they will be delivered in July

F-35 fighter jets expensive and inferior - can be shot down by S-400 systems

North Korea - Hot/Cold - a puppet state of China

Gun Lobby dominates USA

Mideast Intervention and Regime Control and Overthrow

Block Iran and help Israel

  • Trump first pulled out of By sanctioning

  • Who is behind Gulf of Hormuz oil Tanker attacks - as pretext to attack Iran?

Shah of Iran

Afghanistan-Pakistan as spear points to Russia gut

Asia-Mideast Interventions

Yemen - Saudi's subdue

Iraq war

Afghanistan - the never-ending pain 200+ years UK, Russia, US

Euro-zone Interventions

UN/US counter Serbia/Russia

  • USSR hold loosens on its East European regimes, and Yugoslavia breaks up into Serbia, Albania, etc.
  • Belgrade tries to retain a repressive grip on the territory following a brutal counter-insurgency campaign by Serbian security forces. There was ethnic "cleansing" and killings of Kosovar civilians by Serbian forces as part of Belgrade’s 1998-99 crackdown on a Kosovo Albanian guerrilla uprising
  • 1999 U.S. president Bill Clinton and top diplomat Madeleine Albright helped engineer the NATO air strikes that ousted Serbian forces.
  • 2008 Majority-Albanian Kosovo declared independence from Serbia
    1. Kosovo introduced a 100 percent tax on goods imported from Serbia and warned it would keep them until Belgrade recognized its independence.
  • 2019> Even 11 years after the end of fighting on the NATO’s intervention has not brought true peace to the southern Balkan region. Belgrade has still not recognized independent Kosovo more than a decade after more than 110 other countries did and, backed by its main ally Russia, is blocking Pristina’s bid for membership of the United Nations.


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