Mobile: Android Success Factors

By pjain      Published May 25, 2019, 11:59 p.m. in blog Business-Management   

2004 Android the company was launched in 2004 as an open source Linux-based mobile OS that was very lean and mean. It provided the base for Andy Rubin's own Hiptop phone a keyboard sliding display phone launched as T-mobile Sidekick and later as HTC Dream. By keeping Android OS open-source, it was able to ride the gap between Window CE and Nokia Symbian, and helped attract more followers over time.

2005 Google acquired Android OS as it was seen as a way to boost Google Search over other engines. Over time this vision has proved very true.

1. Android helped carriers balance the dominance of Apple iPhone after 2007

2. More efficient allows lower hardware requirements

  • Microsoft sabotaged Windows Phone in 2011, Dragged Nokia down with it
  • Having very high hardware requirements as perhaps that is what Windows port needed at that time for speed. However between very high costs
  • While it charged heavy windows os fees, Nokia was net receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from Microsoft as "OS Support fees" - no wonder other manufacturers hated to make Windows Phones
  • When Nokia put all its faith on Windows phone (downplaying and essentially killing its own Symbian OS), it ended up making huge losses on a phone that had very few apps on it. As Nokia was bleeding to death on lack of demand, Microsoft got excited at huge success and valuation of Apple on its iPhone. So to "save" its dying Windows franchise, Steve Balmer bought for nearly $7.5b. But soon in just over a year, it wrote off entire investment! Net net, no other manufacturers for Windows phones, and the one solidly behind it, ended up dying.

  • Phone manufacturers especially in Asia had very little to do as it came with default apps on Android apps for browser, call, dialer, contacts, etc. In fact when manufacturers like Sony or Samsung added their own UIs or "special feature apps", they actually slowed down the speed of updates.

3. Google Play Store with Maps, Search, Youtube spurred Android growth With Google fully backing Android with these apps, users could go from one Android phone to another barely noticing any difference.


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