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Hybrid Tools Overview


HTML5-based apps manage Fragmentation

Cloud Hosted Dev Tools Reduce Admin Costs

  • Cross-platform development tools for mobile apps are becoming increasingly cloud-centric. Just like in many other areas of IT, moving to the cloud holds the promise of simplifying things like configuration, in this case for developers.

  • Develop in HTML5

  • Generate so that they can run natively on iOS, Android and Windows Phone with a single click, the company said on Thursday.

That's an alternative to having to set up an environment on a PC, which is "horribly complex if you are a Web developer," Freddy May, founder and CEO at Application Craft, said.

Cloud Based Device Testing

Phonegap and Cordova

Brightcove's founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire isn't as diplomatic when giving his view on how Adobe has handled PhoneGap since it acquired the platform in October last year: "While releasing the technology into open source under Apache Cordova is an important gesture, not pushing forward and innovating on the framework and associated services is a let down," he said in a blog post.

Slow Dev after Acq

Adobe hasn't been developing PhoneGap plug-ins fast enough, according to Brightcove, Application Craft November 15, 2012



Other Hybrid Toolchains - do not use


Titanium Appaccerator x

Rhodes x obsolete

AppMobi acq by Intel x

Xamarin x

  • Open Source claimed ?
  • C# and .Net background - supported (or owned ?) by Microsoft

x Sencha for Web and Sencha Touch, Uses ExtJS Framework

Sencha offers a variety of tools for cross platform app development such as Sencha Architect, Sencha Animator, and more.

Application Craft

  • Application Craft's launch of Mobile Build Nov 2012

Mobile Build will be free for the foreseeable future, according to May.

Up until now Application Craft integrated its development environment with PhoneGap Build, which also compiles cross-platform applications in the cloud, according to May.

But because Adobe "has been horrendously slow" in supporting plug-ins on Build, Application Craft felt it had to develop its own solution, he said.

"Our users were crying out for PhoneGap plug-ins," said May.

The company also didn't want to be dependent on Adobe for an important part of their offerings.

At launch, Mobile Build supports six plug-ins, including push notifications, a client-side SQLite database and QR and bar-code scanning.

Mobile Build also has an integrated certificate generator. Certificates are needed especially when targeting iOS. Simplifying the creation of them removes another pain point for many developers, according to May.

"Our goal is not to antagonize Adobe in any way; we want to protect our users and have our destiny in our own hands," said May.

x Brightcove AppCloud

  • Brightcove's founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire

Brightcove's App Cloud comes in three editions: Core, Pro and Enterprise.

Core is free and includes development tools and the ability to compile an app in the cloud and then sell different versions in Amazon's Appstore, Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Brightcove's App Cloud, which is a year old this month, is also used by Web developers to create native applications for Android as well as iOS. It was designed to be very cloud-centric from day one. In addition to compiling applications in the cloud, it also offers cloud-based features such as content optimization, real-time analytics and push notifications.

Builtins (no plugin required)

To integrate with smartphone features such as camera and GPS, App Cloud includes APIs that lets developers enhance their application. New APIs are added with every new release,

Plug-in architecture

  • Brightcove's native plug-in architecture for its App Cloud Nov 2011 launched Brightcove runs into developers that want to use features the company doesn't offer an interface for, according to Costa. This is where the new plug-in architecture comes in.

"It allows developers build that particular piece of functionality themselves, and add it to their application," said Costa.

As part of this push, Brightcove is also building some partner plug-ins that can be used as part of the architecture, including one for Google Analytics.

BE PRO Edition $99/mo

The Pro edition costs from US$99 per month and adds analytics, content services and push notifications, according to Costa. T

1. BE analytics

2. content services

3. BE New push notification APIs

  • which add more ways to segment users to better target the messages you are sending," said Phil Costa, product director for App Cloud at Brightcove.

Enterprise edition

for example, allows for much higher traffic volumes, and costs from $10,000 per year, he said.


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