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Autonomous Car Competitions

DARPA Autonomous Car

Road Safety : India

VLC-Based Vehicular Communication for enhancing Road Safety in Smart Cities Dr. Venkata Mani Vakamulla National Institute of Technology Warangal Dr. Wasiu O Popoola UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH

Synergistic formulation of smart mobility solutions for India: mobility as a service (MaaS), electric vehicles (EVs), and integrated public transit Prof. Abdul Rawoof Pinjari Indian Institute of Science Prof. Chandrasekhar Ramalinga Bhat UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN

Park-IT: Advanced Parking Information and Management for Indian Traffic Prof. Salil Goel Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Prof. Stephan Winter THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE

Developing an integrated land use - transport - emissions model utilising emerging big data sources for quantifying the energy and environmental impacts of ridesharing services Dr. Arkopal Kishore Goswami Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Dr. Charisma Choudhury UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS

TOC India Highways Reducing Deaths

Stats - Know the facts!

  • Annual 500,000 accidents
  • Growing year after year - ?CAGR?
  • 150,000 fatalities per year in car accidents
  • 70%+ of deaths in 18-45 years ie prime productive years and sole earners - huge GDP loss

  • 22 road accidents every minute due to bad roads

  • India has the highest causalities via road accidents in the world. India has the 4th largest auto market and 3rd largest road networks in the world.

  • Auto deaths are #3 cause after natural disasters and diseases i.e. most of the deaths in our country are because of road accidents.

  • But often, anectodally a lot of deaths are of wives and children in backseat without seatbelts - so while man is driving has a seatbelt survives, the others do not.

Over-speeding and Rash driving Main cause

  • More than 40%+ of people doing overspeeding are youth This has led to an increase in cases of negligence and rash driving.

Drivers drive without preparation in bad weather or when tired

  1. Indian culture has very sharp day-time noise, so drivers do not get rest or adequate sleep in daytime. Even in wealthy families, the elderly will bug drivers to eat or Yet to avoid traffic, night traffic is very common.

  2. Drivers will often drive "as normal" even in foggy weather, rain, snow and other similar conditions when road is not even visible. Also bad conditions make the roads slippery but traction of "cheap" Indian tires are very poor.

DUI high percentage of accidents

Current fines and checks that curb this practice, the lack of stringent implementation by authorities has failed to keep this practice under control. Just think that wealthy and goondas are most likely to DUI!

Currently esp. Punjabi culture has truck-drivers as heavy drinkers - seen as even as a mark of pride or "self-reward". Since most heavy trucks are driven by Punjabis - this is extremely dangerous.

Very bad lane crossing habits

Licenses should be pulled for idiots until they learn to drive in their lanes and look before jumping lanes.

Bad condition of roads

  • 22 road accidents every minute due to bad roads

Poor design of roads - too narrow!

  • India as a poor country still spends billions of dollars on making roads, which even as "highways" are undivided narrow strips barely able to carry 2 lanes of cars. So when a truck has to go and they are heavily overloaded, one has to go over the side. But the side of the road is a rut that can severely damage the tires.

  • Of course crossing at nights

  • There is obvious

Heavy Grid-lock - drowsy driving at night forced on low-paid drivers

Night TIme accidents - Bad equipment and Behaviors

  • Abuse by Truck Drivers

  • Truck drivers use center of road esp rural highways as "parking" spots to sleep or if they need servicing. In bad weather or night, this causes collissions.

  • A Major reason is heavy vehicles do not have tail light or reflector plates during night.


GOVT: No push for federal to state road safety

No proper road safety authority and implementation. This has led to an increase in cases of negligence and rash driving.

People, campaigns and Resources

Ravi Gaikwad RTO , Chief of Mumbai Borivali

  • reporting on auto accidents for 20+ years
  • He has started a campaign "Shant Bharat Surakshit Bharat" to spread awareness among riders and motivates them to follow these safety rules to reduce road accidents.

Nitin Gadkari

  • Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari
  • Sep 19 - stiff fines (challans) imposed on traffic law violators
  • Reports from different parts of the country in which traffic police has been even levying fines above Rs. 50,000 for traffic rules violations in the aftermath of recent amendments to the motor vehicles law.

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Safety in Ride hailing

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