mr ES Frameworks Review

By pjain      Published Aug. 28, 2020, 4:54 a.m. in blog AI-Analytics-Data   

mr ES Frameworks


  • It’s based on a representation of knowledge called the Cogito Knowledge Graph that is something pretty similar to the ontologies discussed previously.
  • It uses NLP to understand the words in the same way that people do by using a semantic analysis that is probably quite similar to the one described in this document.
  • It is able to learn from human experts and written communications to acquire new knowledge, this is something similar to the clustering analysis.
  • It provides all the functionality required by the search engine and the recommender system out of the box.
  • In mid 1990s as stated in their website is used by some big companies like Microsoft, Vodafone, ING Direct …


  • Demos that can be tested online to really understand why this commercial system can do.


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