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SEG: WFH Work-Life Tools

Idea: Work-Life Boundaries and Transitions

Idea: Work-Life Boundaries and Transitions

SEG: Team-Collab and Productivity


Idea: Feedback on Team Dynamics, Brainstorming, Ideas

Idea: Team Zoom Lunches/happy Hours

Idea: Virtual Social Events & "Parties" - with Goods/Drinks sent like ECommece

SEG: Work Marketplaces

Find Employees to perform Work remotely


Adam Ozimek, the chief economist at Upwork, a company that connects freelance workers with the businesses who need freelance workers.

Mechanical Turk

Guru, eLance

--- SEG: WFH and IT - Equipment, Privacy and Support

Company issued equipment vs Employee own

Privacy Issues


Monitoring a single employee working remotely costs about $7 a month

--- SEG: Remote Work Monitoring and Companies


These enable companies to track the activities of their employees by installing software on their computers.




Time Doctor


Monitoring software can track keystrokes, email, file transfers, applications used and how much time the employee spends on each task. It can even take periodic screenshots to let managers know what is on the employee’s screen. CNBC’s Q2 Technology Executive Council survey released Wednesday found that remote work has not had a negative impact on employee productivity at most companies.

--- SEG: Security, ID, Communications, VPN

Atlas VPN

--- Market Size, Trends

Major Use Cases, Examples

  1. Matt Mullenweg, the founder in 2005 of Automattic in SFO with Mike Little who lived in the United Kingdom - connected by a shared passion and online community. He has been running the company remotely - hiring engineers and designers irrespective of their location. The first-ever employee was in Ireland, then we had Vermont and Texas. For a low-margin internet company (no ads) SFO was even in 2005 a very expensive place to live and hire. Now it runs the publishing platform WordPress and recently acquired Tumblr from Yahoo. Automattic now has more than 1,000 employees working across 77 countries.

Not having a "Main Office Magic" - HUGE CHANGE, Disruptive

Not having main office was a huge disruption, hard to believe even as recent as 2005.

Can Do, Trust, Belief in Remote Companies - needs to be inculcate

Pretty much every investor I talked to, including all the ones that said “no,” said, “You can’t do this. It’s not gonna work.” Or, “It’ll work up to 20 or 25 people, but there’s no other super successful company that’s been built this way.” I thought they might be right. I didn’t know. - Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic, 2005

FoRW - Starts with Remote Hiring

Good for Employee Wellness, Work-Life-Balance

Good for Environment, World Economy

Matt says working remotely is “good for the environment” and “good for the economy.”

Remote FoW Frameworks --- XFR ---

5 levels of Remote Work framework

It outlines the five levels of distributed work.


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