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By pjain      Published May 17, 2020, 5:06 a.m. in blog Lambda7   

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Simple Kanban Apps Review


Many Trello users complain that they have stopped using Trello because: - there is limited visibility. - it is difficult to stay organized as you might have so many cards to the point it is messy, you are unable to search across boards, you are not able to add tags to your items, and users are unable to personally view their tasks to ensure maximum productivity. - there are too many distracting “fun” features, - not enough professional features like reports or data


Priority Matrix -

  • 14 day trial no CC
  • Ez import eg Trello boards
  • Free 1:1 call with Customer Success Team to help get you started, customized

Full Scale Agile Apps Review - Ticket Managers


--- XFR --- Documentation/Wikis/Collab/Communication






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