Multi-Polar Currencies

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Future of SDRs and Multi-Polar Currencies

SDRs could be an alternative.

$250 B Special Drawing Rights package at G20 created money internationally and will help to allow countries [other than BoE,Fed,ECB,BoJ] that are not able to print currency to stimulate their economies.

Preventing Gold Competition to Fiat Currencies

Preventing Competition

Gold-backed Dinar vs Franc/USD - Why did France lead NATO bombing of Libya?

With an excellent management of oil revenues, the Libyan state had managed to store hundreds of tons of gold (143 tons according to WikiLeaks) and the same amount in silver.

Good management of Oil - One of largest stores of gold and silver

2009 Gaddafi as President of African Union promotes Gold Dinar

Well managed oil resources and its precious metals were going to make Libya the most influential country in Africa, supplanting France for example.

Gaddafi wanted to avoid American influence in his oil transactions by using this gold. He launched the gold dinar project, and other major African governments were ready to support him in this project. It was both an African dream and a nightmare for the West’s financial system.

However with NATO/French led backing of rebels, the dream of a unified monetary system based on gold and independent of the dollar perished.

Prior French colonies Unite to remove Franc/CFA - France stands to lose currency base

Countries such as Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Angola were ready to change their currencies.

March 2011, French air force teeth in NATO-bombing

Hillary Clinton cheers Rabidly-thirsty for Gaddafi's blood! Why - Clintons 12+ years as Wall Street pawns or USD Reserve/Softpower?

  1. Hillary Clinton’s electronic mailbox. One of the 3000 emails showed NATO’s willingness to overthrow Gaddafi’s government. NATO mainly wanted to to neutralize the African gold currency supported by Libyan oil reserves.

Libyan and East Mediterranean Power Vacuum

  1. In a world where American power is on the wane, Libya has emerged as the most promising playground for regional players.

  2. After getting their hand burnt after EU/NATO/Hillary Clinton bombing devasted Libya and triggered millions of refugees many reaching Italy, the EU is also staying out of the picture.

  3. Gold Dinar: the Real Reason Behind Gaddafi's Murder - Millenium State blog


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