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Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks

Zion National Park - largest - spend most time here!

Observation Point hike: Strenuous Long 6mi 2000 elevation

In winter you need to strap your ice chains to the bottom of your boots for safety on the icy trail. The hike winded up about 2,000 feet for 6 miles along the side of one of Zion’s great walls.

When you reach the top, it has a fantastic views, at the river carved its way out of the canyon and into the Utah valleys.

Arches National Park

  • City of Moab, Utah is closest eg for motels before starting next day - a town of small shops lining the classic, small American town.

You can visit deep in freezing winter eg Christmas - just have a great down jacket and hiking boots. You can enjoy the bright red rocks decorated with snow, looked up at the arches that towered above us and walked through mazes of ancient rock. We may have spent the day hiking in knee-deep snow and scaling frozen walls that fell into deep canyons, left with damp and cold feet.

Bryce Canyon National Park

It has hoodoos — unique, tall and thin rock formation . Vibrant oranges and reds peak out as you hike through this extraterrestrial landscape.


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