Northern California Redwoods

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Northern California Redwoods

Lassen Volcanic National Park

A closer, and more uninhabited option for a real winter pathfinder, Lassen Volcanic National Park is four hours north of Berkeley. The park is located over a giant subduction zone off the northern coast and currently has the largest plug dome volcano in the world. Although there are several volcanic sites to visit and hike, Lassen Volcanic still gets a good amount of snow every year, enough to make a snowman and a lot to spare. It’s also an especially good place to get a trip in before the end of the semester because the park is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary and has special events happening through the end of the year.

Mount Shasta

5 hours from SFO/Berkeley via I-5 north, Shasta is close to the Oregon border. * Best hiking trails reach the more hidden alpine lakes, and ski and snowboard lodges are pinned up all along the mountain. It’s common to find untrampled snow waist-high later in the winter. Downtown Shasta has a nice a cozy ambiance to help you warm up, and enjoy some fresh grilled burgers and microbrews.


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