Not Just Unicorns - Startups Series

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[TOC] * See also Series - Not Just Unicorns - Startups Series

Disruptive Startups by Sector

Health Care Companies

Real Estate Companies

Services and Infrastructure Companies

## GigEconomy Transport disruption

Transport Gig-economy and Ridesharing

Urban Mobility

Safety factors, Ideas

Disrupting Transports - Autonomous

  • Autonomous Cars

  • Truck Transportation Disruption

  • Shipping an Cargo Transportation Disruption

Robotics, HAN, IOT Companies

Robotics Companies

Home Automation, HAN Companies

Industrial Monitoring, IOT Companies

SFA, CRM, MFA Software, SaaS

SN, Photos, Marketplaces, Rating, Reviews, Helper Services

Cloud, SaaS Companies

Security, Cyber-Security

Lessons from Startups, Business and Product Management

Top Lessons from Startups

Venture Capital Funding

Early Stage Funding

Larger VCs

Super VCs - Softbank stumbled

Governance - Control tricks beyond ownership percentage

  • [Dual Class Violates Corporate Governance Basics](
  • /blog/dual-class-violates-corporate-governance-basics/)

Unicorns and IPOs 2016-2019

Investing - should I buy into IPOs


===== SFA, CRM, MFA


Marketing Services

Marketo - acquired

Quip - acquired



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