Obama Presidency 8 years of Failure

By pjain      Published Aug. 25, 2020, 3:35 a.m. in blog Geo-Politics   

Charisma, Hope and Disappointment with Obama

Obama Practiced his Authoritative Confident Deep Voice

Obama Accomplishments

  1. Pulled us out of the Great Recession. However it was the Fed, not obama - the stimulus was very adequate and continued long after with 4 QEs after! If you give me a few trillions, I can show you a VERY good time!

  2. Passed the ACA, the closest to date of some kind of universal health care

  3. Obama was a cool dude and magnificent orator with wisdom, empathy and grace

  4. President Obama sought to use the pulpit of the presidency for good; for binding wounds; for healing divisions.

Reasons for Problems and Lack of Progress

  1. It was Republican obstruction for the lack of forward progress during Obama's terms.

  2. Obama's reluctance to twist arms the way LBJ would have done to get legislation through Congress. - Ron Suskind 2018 midterm

  3. Too bipartisan, Lack of will to push his agenda. He held out a hand too much to the Republicans, and for too long after it was perfectly clear they wanted nothing to do with him.

Obamas was a Solidly Establishment Democrat like the Clinton

Obamas make $150m after "retiring"

The very bad optics of Obamas cashing in after he left, with the finance, “speeches.” How much money do they need? --

Michelle Loves her $16m Martha Vineyards mansion!

Barack Appeased the Establishment Republicans

Given grand latitude one could say that Obama sought to use the pulpit of the presidency for good; for binding wounds; for healing divisions. Or would it be easier to explain as somehow, Barack Obama was always beholden, to the whites and specifically the Republicans in Congress and the Senate. He held out a hand too much to the Republicans, and for too long after it was perfectly clear they wanted nothing to do with him.

Michele Obama loves Bush Jr - Two birds of a Feather!

After all, it is now very clear that GW Bush lied and cheated to burn trillions. Bush is seen as having had personal hand in boosting drug prices and "don't negotiate prices", as well as letting the opiate epidemic escalate so severely that it decimated lifespans in USA.

Michelle Obama said of George W Bush> "He's my partner in crime at every major thing where all the 'formers' gather. So we're together all the time. .. I love him to death. He's a wonderful man, he's a funny man."

In this context, while a "polite" acknowledgement is fine, the kissing of each others' cheeks is like killing the devil and then saying "Praise the Lord".

Or perhaps like Animal farm, it is the acceptance of two groups (the white farmers and the Pigs who took over the Farm) raising drinks to each other, while the serfs look on!

Failed Simply Put!


Obama's Economic Report - Fail!

Obama was Financed and Slave to Wall Street

95%+ of 8 years in gains went to top 1% under Obama's watch

By the end of Mr. Obama’s first term, 95 percent of the financial gains of his economic recovery plan had gone to the richest 1 percent of the county.

Trump's win was driven by the financial stagnation of tens of millions of ordinary white people and the drop in life expectancy driven by opioid addiction, alcoholism and suicide. While it is doubtful the majority of blacks voted for Trump, ironically Obama made them worse off not better!

Payroll Tax Cut misunderstood in 2009 Analysis

Obama provided tax relief for nearly every working American, but instead of sending citizens a check, as George W. Bush had done, his economists decided to structure it as a payroll tax cut, subtly increasing the size of everyone’s paycheck.

Obama downplayed "Help to Public"

The Obama administration then intentionally did not advertise the fact that it had given nearly every working American a tax cut, in the hopes that people would be nudged into spending, rather than saving, that extra cash.

However, thie tax cut was heavily misunderstood as a 2010 poll showed only 12% believed they’d received a tax cut; but 24% thought Obama had actually raised their taxes.

PKJ Conjecture: Obama DID NOT WANT POPULISM - Practiced "Above it All"

In hindsight it is clear that Team Obama tried to act high and mighty, wanted to be seen as above it all. In fact his economic advisors like Geitner made it seem wise that the president and his team intentionally avoided doing things they worried would be too popular. Despite a widely populist call, while Obama but there would not be another New Deal.

This was VERY DIFFERENT than Roosevelt who “dramatized the New Deal’s contribution to the economy” by creating “colorful new agencies,” thereby “ensuring that Roosevelt was given credit for the rise in employment.” - John Judis

PKJ conjecture is tha anti-Wall-Street movement was VERY INTENSE. Obama's handlers and owners were very concerned and jealous about dilution of the support for Wall Street. So what happened is they emasculated Obama to make him "statesman".

THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL TRAGEDY OF THE OBAMA era. By being beholden, he became a bag of hot air, with no empathy for the poor. Instead of supporting the lower classes, he was FULLY owned by the elite.

They got their TARP passed, and were continually pressing Fed to several rounds of QE that pushed hundreds of billions to big bankers.

Obama let PE firms gobble up millions of homes CHEAP!

Just read the following - basically it accuses Obama of standing by while PEs/Banks looted millions of households.

The administration almost preferred being seen standing athwart attempts to provide relief. A program that was supposed to help underwater homeowners turned down 70 percent of those applying for permanent loan modifications, even as over six million families lost their homes. The point of the program was never actually to help people stay in their homes, of course; it was to preserve the finance industry by spacing out foreclosures. In the end, it achieved its aim: The banks today are as profitable as ever, while more households are renting than in 50 years.- New Republic


Obamacare Analysis

Doubled Costs for Rest of America, as gave "Free" care to a few

Kaiser Quadrupled Monthly Insurance Costs

When my one son needed a few months summer health insurance he was able to get it in the market from Kaiser of Georgia for $62 per month. Less than a few years later when a second son needed health care, Kaiser was charging a retail rate of $250/month. Ironically, as he was over 18, by declaring as non-dependent single person household entitled him to a $47/month plan. The state paid Kaiser the $200+ as subsidy. The ultimate irony was Kaiser was so happy with the fat profits from Obamacare, they never bothered to collect on the last month premium of $47 - which we had given notice for, but both the state and Kaiser said they were entitled to collect due to a some tangle. In other words a total boondoggle - price pushed 5x so a few can get it basically for free.

NO Action on cutting health Care costs

ObamaCare bill was supposed to have many experimental and technocratic tools to “bend the cost curve”—reduce costs without price controls—and “improve quality,” mainly by encouraging insurers, with incentives, to strive for outcomes that market forces alone weren’t incentivizing them to aim for.

NO ACTION ON Cadillac Health Care plans

The “Cadillac tax,” was designed to nudge companies to force employees onto cheaper insurance plans with greater cost sharing—a tax built on the belief that one of the primary drivers of health care cost inflation was people taking advantage of their too-generous employers and greedily consuming more health care than they needed.

Under Obama, the Cadillac tax never went into effect.

Obamacare killed Single-Payer

What does the rest of the developed world do that yields better health care results for one-half or lower costs per capita?

The single clearest example is the Single-Payer as practiced in Canada or UK. However the ACA passing ironically seems to have killed all hope of getting to a Single-Payer system in the USA as the final solution.

ACA seems to have anchored and strengthened local hospital concentrated power and monopolies.

Obama's Foreign-Policy Failures

Afghanistan Escalation - failed to make progress in 18+ years!

Liberal Media praised “the escalation of the war in Afghanistan” as “the most consequential action of the first year of his presidency .. offended the base of his party and possibly injured his future political prospects. On strategic grounds, we believe he made the right choice. But the thoroughness and logic of the process by which he arrived at this decision double our confidence in that choice. The is exactly the type of pragmatism and non-ideological policymaking that sentient humans have craved after the Bush years." - New Republic editorial

“[There was] constant pressure from the Obama White House and Pentagon to produce figures to show the troop surge of 2009 to 2011 was working, despite hard evidence to the contrary. .. Nearly every piece of data used over the last decade to try to convince Americans that the war was going well, or even going according to any sort of coherent logic or reason, was phony or meaningless." = NSA as per Washington Post

Afghanistan sank into kleptocracy under US administration.

Even 18 years later in Dec'2019 there were still 13,000 American service members active in Afghanistan.

It is tough to get a face-saving exit!

Trump has been claiming he is trying to get out, but even in 4th year, still stuck negotiating with Taliban for a face-saving exit.

Did Obama Destroy US Military Strength as Trump claims?

Libya Mess - Rabid Hillary celebrates brutal Gaddafi murder and destruction of a Country!

Syria Shattered! Millions of Refugees.


Obama’s Human Rights

Obama deported thousands

Obama's dreadful immigration policies earned him the label “Deporter in Chief” from immigrant-rights activists?

Political Legacy - Obama helped kill DNC, Influence 2017+

Obama DNC mentor - but not assessed properly for his failures

The reluctance to fully interrogate the Obama years also means that Mr. Obama continues to have outsize influence in the party — even as his cautious governing may have contributed to the disillusionment that played a role in producing Mr. Trump. .. During his tenure, Democrats lost some 970 seats in state legislatures, 11 governorships, 13 Senate seats and 69 House seats. More Democratic state legislative seats were lost during Mr. Obama’s presidency than under any other president in modern history. - Opinion by Black scholar in NYTimes.

Abusing his "Image" to help Hillary

Obama and Clinton Email/FBI Scandals - something really stinks!

Obama and Stinging Defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016

The sting of Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 still hangs heavy over the Democratic Party in 2020. In some sense it was widely assumed that she would win hands down over Trump, and the disappointment was much worse than Al Gore's defeat to George Bush.

Some have focused on black voter suppression or the lack of an African-American candidate on the ticket. Some blamed so-called Russian interference.

Mrs. Clinton continues to blame Bernie Sanders.

PKJ feels it is simple - underlying was voter's disaffection with Barack Obama’s failed to do ANY CHANGE - after eight years, other than Wall Street stocks up, the lot of the average American wasn't tangibly any better at all. None of the transformational changes he promised appeared.

Obama's failures helped elect Donald Trump

President Obama’s failure to deliver transformational changes may have fed voter disaffection in 2016. -- NYTimes

The Obamas failed the Black Community and seen as White-Bush-Ass kissers!

Black Lives Matter ERUPTED in Mr. Obama’s second term

While got prominence in Covid-19, the reality is BLM started under Obama, as blacks struggled to be free from police scrutiny, surveillance and brutality. THIS WAS DENIED THEM UNDER OBAMA.

The federal government sprang into action in response to black political protests, but its actions were underwhelming. Mr. Obama formed a task force on policing whose mission was not to reduce police brutality but to “promote effective crime reduction.”

Obama always ready to cut the Black Stomach!

Obama made compromises that came at the expense of the Democratic base. In 2014, well into his final term, he cut nearly $9 billion from food stamps, for example, because Republicans had argued for cutting up to $40 billion. For those who relied on food stamps, this was a devil’s bargain.

Fair to Whites - an excuse for Obamas

One explanation for inaction by Obama on issues of racial inequality has been the odd argument that Obama as a magnanimous Presidential "balance" had a fear of being pigeonholed as beholden to black interests.

What a crock of bull crap! He was elected to do something and did nothing!

Obama Emerges 4 years later to support Biden

People forget that it was early April 2020 when Obama formally endorsed Biden his former VP. It was done early not at DNC in Aug 2020.

Without Trump, Obama would have been remembered as a below average (C-) President. He was A in intellect, temperament and character but ineffective. He accomplished very little. We have no choice but to vote for Biden but if the Democratic party thinks there are going to be more than a handful of people who will vote for him because of Obama they are sadly mistaken. -- Comment in NYTimes

No explicit black Kamala support

Blacks Economic Situation Deteriorated

In fact the Obamas seen as sucking up to the Wealthy and Wall Streeters.

As inequality zoomed, black-to-white became far worse - by 2019 the racial wealth gap, in which the median net worth of white families is some 13 times higher than it is for black families.

  • Black unemployment remained high
  • A higher percent of Blacks than Whites lost homes as PEs grabbed homes on the cheap
  • 2016 40% blacks had trouble paying bills
  • 2016 25% Relied on food banks — three times higher than for whites.


While African-Americans did not blame Obama alone for these persistent levels of deprivation and inequality. But his slogan “Yes, we can,” after the New Hampshire primary had raised hopes. Obama said of his “Yes, we can” slogan, “It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom through the darkest of nights.” More than once, he pointed to the civil rights movement and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as the foundation of his own success, helping to raise expectations of substantive change. Those expectations were then compounded by growing need as black families were disproportionately hurt by the financial crisis in 2008.

But these hopes were only to be bitterly dashed against the hard cold rocks!

Inaction on Race Relations

By 2016, a staggering 73 percent of blacks believed that racial discrimination was “a very serious problem” and 61 percent described “race relations” as bad. This dour assessment was not just commentary on interpersonal relationships between African-Americans and whites; it reflected the continuing hardship experienced by African-Americans, which many of them attribute to racial discrimination.

Black Citizen's Little Improvement - Quantitive Assessment!

While many blacks continued to admire the Obamas, they got disappointed and hopeless about political role.

  1. Growing concerns among African-Americans about the persistence of racial inequality and discrimination even a decade after Obama elected - THERE IS LITTLE CHANGE.

  2. Whats in it for Blacks? One reason, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker struggled to gain traction among black voters in part because of a lack of clarity on how their platforms could translate into an improvement in the quality of life for African-Americans.

  3. African-Americans’ ratings of public policy, race relations and the state of the country declined over his presidency from 71% celebrating him in 2009 down to 51% in 2016. In fact by 2012 after his reelection only 20% of blacks thought USA was headed in the right direction.

  4. Black Voter Disaffected - low turnout! Some have focused on black voter suppression or the lack of an African-American candidate on the ticket.

  5. 2008 Surprising high minority and black turnout led to Obama victory.

  6. 2012 at 67% record high black voter turnout to support Obama thinking he needed two terms to be able to carry out his promises.
  7. 2016 only 60% by then, lack voter turnout in 2016 was SEVERE. Despite Obama's endorsement of Clinton (he called it Obama's THIRD TERM), black voter turnout declined for the first time in 20 years, falling to 60 percent from 67 percent in 2012.


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