Meat and High Protein Diets - Paleolithic Diets

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How much fiber do Busmen and Hunter-Gatherers take?

Sodium: Potassium Ratios

TRs in Paleolithic Diets

Can PREVENT progression of Prediabetes is a IGT, Hyper-insulin, IR

  1. Increased physical activity
  2. Healthy food choices
  3. Weight loss and in particular decreased waist circumference

Paleolithic Diets Improve IGT, IR and T2D

A Palaeolithic diet may improve glucose tolerance MORE than Mediterranean-diet in Cardiac patients

2007 Lindeberg dn> DIET Paleo Lindeberg2007_Article_APalaeolithicDietImprovesGluco.pdf

Variables - a Palaeolithic (‘Old Stone Age’) diet of lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, eggs and nuts; but not grains, dairy products, salt or refined fats and sugar, which are very recent - a Consensus (Mediterranean-like) diet (n=15), based on whole grains, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, oils and margarines

Outcomes - Plasma Glucose Paleo= -26% , Medi:-7% - plasma insulin larger decrease in Paleo - Weight Change - Waist Circumference Paleo= -5.6cm, Medi: -3cm

Modern Hunter Gatherers

Traditional Pacific Islanders - no Heart or Metabolic syndrome

e.g. Kitava, Papua New Guinea

They had no signs of IHD, stroke or markers of the metabolic syndrome, possibly because of their traditional lifestyle

  • 1999 Lindeberg S, Eliasson M, Lindahl B, Ahrén B Low serum insulin in traditional Pacific Islanders—the Kitava Study. Metabolism 48:1216–1219


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