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US Visiting Forces Agreement

2020-06-02 Thaw in Philippines

Philippines government reversed itself Tuesday and said it would maintain the military pact. The decision not to terminate the agreement was made “in light of political and other developments in the region,” - foreign sectretary.

“In light of China’s continued assertion of its historic rights in Vietnamese and Malaysian waters over the last year, Manila may have concluded that its previous rapprochement with Beijing would not protect Philippine interests,” said M. Taylor Fravel, a political-science professor who is director of the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2020-02 Duterte seeks end of US Visiting Forces Agreement

Duterte has tried to end a longstanding military pact with the United States that President Rodrigo Duterte has criticized as unfair.

Conflict and Clash of Interests in South China Sea

China’s neighbors are worried about its growing military assertiveness. The Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia all have disputes with China about its territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Some analysts saw the June 2020 Philippines reversal as a strategic gain for the United States, given that the Philippines is the only U.S. treaty ally bordering the South China Sea, a vital maritime shipping route.

China tries to Seduce Philippines


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