Policing, Racism

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Key Factors and Causes behind Police Violence

Is it really that bad?

Internet Cameras all over

Fear training 138 hours of applying violence, only 8 of deescalating

Most of this begins with police training which instructs officers to be on their guard at all times and not hesitate to shoot first or risk a fatality.

Militarization of Police - Million+ Swat teams

Qualified Immunity

No transparency - video evidence suppressed

No national database for disciplined police officers

Police unions wieldy massive power

Crippling Justice due to Cronyism of Police Managers, City Officials/Mayors and Prosecutors/DAs

Broader Problems of Policing in USA

Police Jobs have Little Minority Representation

  • Demographically, there are mostly middle class whites in police forces, but the officers and leadership are nearly always white.

  • In Boston and to some extent most of North-east, the Irish tended to dominate the police force, helping them, but hurting other races.

Guns make Policing Dangerous in USA

Drug trade, Criminal Gangs rampant

Melting pot of Immigrants, many illegal make Policing hard in US

Social Problems force Police Actions against Minorities

The policing strategies of the past 40 years sprang from the tendency of American policy makers and public officials to address society’s deepest problems by sending an armed person. .. We send police officers to deal with too many social problems—substance abuse, mental illness, homelessness, domestic disputes, even civil unrest—for which they are grossly unprepared .. The police overuse enforcement, including arrests, in dealing with them. This results too often in force and violence against black people. [SRC: WSJ]

Police in USA Timeline of Shootings and Deaths, Protests

George Floyd May 2020

  • In Minneapolis changes AFTER the violent riots and protests
  • They’ve banned warrior training
  • City Council pledged this week to revamp or replace the department whose officers were charged with the death of George Floyd.

2020 Trump body language says choke-holds "ok - not that big deal"

Ferguson shooting

  • New reports show clear racial bias in Ferguson too, where 76% of tbe population have outstanding arrest warrants and 96% of those people are black.

1980s No Broken Windows in Neighborhood

Policing strategy since the 1980s started from the “broken windows” approach aimed at aggressive action against any signs of disorder.

Proactive Policing, Zero Tolerance - friction with Minorities

Gradually the police have escalated to “zero tolerance” of minor crimes, to “proactive policing” to deter crime through a show of relentless enforcement.

It came to seem that police work consisted primarily of stopping, frisking and arresting people of color in large and growing numbers.

Massive shift to "all-purpose-Order" amid Political support - rare Low enforcement role

In the aftermath of the urban rioting of the late 1960s, the political scientist James Q. Wilson wrote, “The patrolman’s job is defined more by his responsibility for maintaining order than his responsibility for enforcing the law.” .. The national rate for bringing charges in murder cases has sunk to 59.4%, its lowest since the FBI began tracking the figure.

Massive growth of Prison-Industrial System

This led not only to a massive increase in prison populations but to widespread anger with the police in much of urban America.

Movements, Protests and Popular Impact

Did Obama help situation?

Did Trump aggravate situation?

Black Lives Matter Movement

Defund the police - Call to START OVER


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