Ports of North America

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Ports in North America - Keys and Trends

Ports GDP impact 2.2m Jobs

The U.S. coastal port sector created 2.2 million jobs last year as marine cargo activity generated about $5.4 trillion of total economic activity.


Largest West coast ports in the US

Largest east coast ports in the US

Port of New York & New Jersey 6.2 m TEUs/yr

It’s estimated that the ports of New York/New Jersey account for over one-third of the North Atlantic trade. To tackle increasing competition from other East Coast ports and be able to handle larger vessels coming from the newly expanded Panama Canal, the port has deepened its harbor to 50 feet.

It has also recently completed the raising of the Bayonne Bridge that connects New Jersey to New York’s Staten Island and can now handle ships up to 18,000TEUs.

Port of Savannah, Georgia - 3.6 m TEUs/yr

The Port of Savannah is also undergoing upgrades of its own.

Its harbor expansion project (SHEP) will be completed in 2020, after which it will be able to handle 14,000 TEU vessels.

Its intermodal system is also being improved to gain better access and increase its market share of the Midwest to make the port a more cost-efficient and viable option.

Following the completion of these projects, port authorities estimate that US businesses can save up to 40% in transportation costs by going through the port.

Port of Virginia 2.7 m TEUs/yr

The Port of Virginia is undergoing $670 million worth of projects to expand port capacity by 40% by 2020.

One of which includes expanding its harbor five feet deeper. Following the project’s completion, it will be the deepest port on the East Coast.

Intermodal investments have also begun - particularly the expansion of the port’s rail and motor transportation.

“I think we are seeing that the ocean carriers and cargo owners are diversifying their logistics chains and using the East Coast. When you have 50 feet of water up and down the East Coast, we think it’s going to be a good thing for cargo coming here.” – Joe Harris, Virginia Port Authority spokesman

Port of Charleston 2m TEUs/yr

Container traffic at the Port of Charleston has increased by 8% per year ever since the end of the recession period in 2009. This is in large thanks to a change in trade flows to/from Asia instead of Europe.

The harbor is also currently being deepened to accommodate 18,000TEU ships – up from the current 14,000TEU vessels it’s able to handle.


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