Python Applications and Frameworks 101

By pjain      Published April 21, 2020, 7:35 p.m. in blog Programming   

Py Applications and Frameworks Review 2019

Full-Stack frameworks

  • y Django of course - but bit heavy, learning curves
  • xFlask -- considered a u-framework, but gets fat by time you build a commercial app
  • x Giotto - MVC routing=>ltiple pluggable controllers, SQLAlchemy,Jinja2
  • xPylons
  • xPyramid
  • xWeb2Py
  • xTurboGears


  • Go is fast, high performance for lambda functions, serverless.
  • DRF *R5 Falcon FAST API - leader -

  • Pycnic - JSON APIs

  • MorePath - Python RESTful Web services - generic views x Bottle 1 file apps, only PyStdLib - req-routing incl URL params, adapters template engines, plugin DBI, WSGI servers, builtin HTTP server included too. x CherryPy old 2002

Async frameworks for Chat, etc

  • NodeJs like asynchronous frameworks built for Python uses the programming languageā€™s asyncio library.

  • AIOHTTP - uses py 3.5 async & awaits - router pluggable redirect queries => request object Supports both Client WebSockets and Server WebSockets without the Callback Hell

  • Growler - asyncio requests via piped-middleware and decorators instead of callbacks
  • Hug - fast API for Py3 - annotation-based validation
  • Sanic - logging, r/w cookies, handler=>decorators
  • xTwisted
  • xTornado

Analytics, Dashboard Frameworks

  • R5 Dash - analytic web apps little boilerplate
    • built on Flask BE,
    • Dash Deployment Server: URL routing, LDAP inegrated SSO, error handling
      • IDE tying UI controls, including dropdowns, graphs, sliders


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