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Simple Task Heaps, Cal, Reminders - Personal - Majors

Apple Reminders

Reminders Apple, Free

Provides simple, integrated reminder lists similar to Tasks found in Microsoft Outlook.

  • iCloud Leveraging iCloud, Mac users can synchronize Reminders across multiple Macs and iOS devices with relative ease. Simply checking iCloud Preferences and checking the Calendars & Reminders options enables the synchronization.

Once a new reminder is created, users can opt to specify that they be reminded of the task either on a specific day and time or at a specific location. Task repetition can be set, as can Low, Medium or High priority, as can notes.

Google Tasks, Keep, Calendar - but stays away from true PIM for GAE

Microsoft To-Dos in 1 level Lists - One Person focus

Microsoft To Do is a simple to-do list app, somewhat reminiscent of Google Tasks combined with Wunderlist's design sensibilities.


  • Free Mac/ios WEB Android

  • Offline synchronization

SIMPLE minimalistic but efficient task app that's available not only for Mac, but almost any other platform you could be using as well. While there isn't granular list and project control like some other options offer, Todoist makes up for that gap with simplicity. Right click on tasks to quickly move them, change the due date, and much more. You can also access your Todoist tasks from any web browser. For time when you need to do some serious planning and organizing, check out Todoist's gorgeous full screen mode.

Wunderlist - acq and retired by Microsoft

  • Being discontinued wef May 6, 2020

List Folders Sub-tasks Comments Attachments Natural language processing Collaboration, including shared lists and assigned tasks Starred tasks Keyboard Shortcuts Today, Week, Starred, and Assigned to Me lists Integrations

Omnifocus 2 $$

Personal Other Speciality

Simple Task Lists

Todo by Appigo $15/$5

It has a great interface, is easy to use, and gives you a section for lists, contexts, and tags. The main view separates the tasks you have coming up into several sections including overdue, today, tomorrow, next 7 days, and future. You can customize the view to show more or less information for each task. Expanded views give you a quick glimpe at not only due date but any contexts or tags you have attached to tasks. You can also customize your Focus list. By default it hides tasks due after tomorrow but you can easily change it within settings.

Toodledo - free

Mac users seeking cross-platform compatibility, including Blackberry support, and enhanced categorization, collaboration, filtering, hotlisting, and alarms will find Toodledo up to the task. The customizable application supports a variety of filtering and list views that make the program a powerful task management tool.

Toodledo, despite possessing a more fanciful name that belies the application's prowess and capacity, has built quite a following. The program's forums reveal healthy interaction between users and Toodledo administrators.

$$ Things 2 - Siri

by Cultured Code Mac$50,$10 iOS - is easy to pick up and start using. From the way it's laid out to how you can configure options, it's works just the way you expect it to. Things can also tie into the native Reminders app for Mac and iOS and import items into Things, which means using Siri to create tasks becomes an option. The Today and Next Focus lists show what tasks you have due dates for. Scheduled shows you anything you have that is recurring. Another feature called Areas that lets you create virtual workspaces for different categories. This area is great for organizing different projects and categories.


r Compare and Rank

Team oriented



Small Group

2Do - organization/filtering  $$

is a powerful task app available for $40 iOS and Mac. The Mac version of 2Do is not only easy to use, but has a great interface. My favorite part of 2Do is its organizational structure. Anyone who likes to have lists for their lists with appreciate the complete control 2Do gives you. However you want to sort and organize your tasks, you can. Easily one of the best features of 2Do are the flexible smart lists that you can create to keep on top of things. While the iOS version is getting a little long in the tooth, a redesigned version is in the works and should be out soon. Best of all, it'll be completely free!

Microsoft Outlook - mainly MEETINGS - Standard for Corporate America

Tasks from Microsoft Office, which includes Outlook. Besides Outlook's Mail, Calendar and Contacts features, the personal information program also includes Tasks. As with Apple reminders, tasks can include due (or reminder) dates, recurrence and a few basic priorities. But Tasks also supports applying categories, marking follow up flags, and applying start dates. Outlook users can also readily convert email messages to tasks. Simply clicking an email message's flag icon creates a task from the email message. Alternatively, clicking a message's flagged icon marks the task as complete without having even to navigate to Outlook's Tasks view.

Major All-in-One - Fully featured


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