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Reviews of Instant Coffee

These include Nescafe, Starbucks VIA, Maxwell House, Folgers, Robert Timms, International Roast, Extra, and Kava (an acid-neutralized instant coffee).

Taste Tests

Freeze Rank Brand Like Brewed Notes
? 1 Jacobs Kronung Yes Good aroma and flavor,just a little bitter
? 2 Bustelo Supreme Yes Average cup of regular coffee, Nice aroma
? 3 Mount Hagen Organic Yes Medium roast, Normal coffee to me, easy to drink, sweet, strong, bitter after-taste due to strength
? 4 Giraldo Farms Yes Caramel flavor, Watery, Nice and mild
- -- ----------------------- ---- ---------------------------------------------------------------
N 5 Starbucks Via Italian Yes Nutty, Watery and weaker, Very bitter and good with sugar
N 6 Starbucks Via Colombia YES Slightly Bitter and earthy tasting, less strong, Chocolaty
N 7 Starbucks Via French Yes Like a burnt old pot of brewed coffee, bitter
- -- ----------------------- ---- ---------------------------------------------------------------
? 8 Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso No Nutty, Dark, not enough coffee-like flavor
? 9 Chock Full O'Nuts No Bitter,Slightly chemical,Unpleasant aroma but okay taste,Weak
? 10 365 Everyday Value No Nutty, slightly bitter but thin
? 11 Tchibo Family No Bland and weak, Tastes like dirt, bitter after-taste
? 12 Mountain Blend No Mild, bland and watery-weak, Tastes like instant, acrid smell
? 13 Sanka No Tastes like bitter poison, thin and watery
? 14 Jacobs Cronat Gold No Very acidic, watery, sour and bitter
? 15 Cafe Bustelo Espresso No Foul chemical odor, weak like over-brewed black tea, bitter
? 16 Folgers Classic Roast No Sour and chemically toxic aroma and aftertaste
Y 17 Nescafe Clasico No Mass/Bulk Costco, watery, Very sweet,Chemical aroma, Harsh taste
? 18 Maxwell House Original No Chemical taste, sweet
? 19 Taster's Choice House Blend No Awful, Chmeical, Acidic and Bitter
? 20 Ferrara Instant Espresso No Like a tar/sludge - horrible

Pure Instant Coffee Reviews

Blends | Premixed Instant Coffee Reviews

Why use Blends

Blended Instant Coffees can compete better than black instant coffee as black coffee from roasted brewed pots is able to extract better with the hot water.

These highly popular instant coffees often contain flavorints eg French vanilla additives and milk that provide it with a sweet taste. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this instant coffee is that you do not have to add a lot of sugar for it to taste good.

Often you can get a better tasting cup of coffee without adding anything else.

Blends can be

Less Sugars with Premixed blends that don't need sugar to avoid bitterness

If you are on a diet or cannot take a lot of sugar, then a good tasting instant coffee for your need.

Maxwell House International Instant Coffee - French Vanilla and Milk

  • This comes with Sweet Vanilla Taste with Dairy Already Mixed

This highly popular instant coffee contains French vanilla additives that provide it with a sweet taste. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this instant coffee is that you do not have to add a lot of sugar for it to taste good.

Best, this product already comes with a dairy product mixed inside so you will not have to use additional milk with it.

It also has only 60 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, so it is excellent for those who are trying to keep the line but still want a tasty coffee.

Maxwell House International Instant Coffee
Good value. Comes in a pack of 4
Contains dairy products so requires less milk
Does not require a lot of sugar. Already sweet
Only 2.5 g of fat and 6 calories per serving
  • The price could have been a little bit more competitive On Amazon a 4 pk x 8.4 oz costs $15.52

  • CON | This is a Weaker coffee. Does not provide any caffeine kick


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