Root Veggies: Potatoes, Carrots

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I have a box of about 100 potatoes in the basement, all the ones that were small and not eaten. They have been busy sprouting, and now the sprouts are very long. The sprouts have grown straight up, and are from 12 to 18 inches long. Can I plant these ? If so, do I just lay the sprouts down horizontally and cover ? Can I cover them with straw instead of dirt ?

Also, because of too much rain, I haven't been able to till the garden yet. This is driving me nuts! I want to plant stuff ! Can I just lay down some black mulch paper, set the potatoes on the paper then cover ? I have a limited amount of bagged topsoil, and access to many bales of straw. Any advice ?

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Plant in Cupertino - Mar1-Apr30, Sep1-30

How to Sow - Sow radish seeds in well-worked soil after danger of frost in early spring, again in late summer for fall crop. In frost free areas, sow in the fall. Sow thinly in rows about 6" apart. Cover with 1/2" of fine soil; firm lightly and keep evenly moist. Seedlings emerge in 4-6 days.

How to Grow - Thin to stand about 2" apart. Water continuously and evenly. Avoid over-fertilizing radish plants.

Harvesting - Pull spring radishes when they are the proper size for the type, about 25 days after planting. Finish harvest before warm weather comes and before the roots become woody or pithy. Store in plastic bags in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks with their tops cut off. Harvest winter or fall radishes as needed in fall. Dig all remaining roots before ground freezes and store throughout the winter (use as needed).

Burpee Radish, Cherry Belle - YES! Model # 64592 HD $1 Store SKU # 295405 All-America Winner. Extra-early, retains fine eating quality all season. Round, smooth, scarlet beauties, 3/4 in. across with crisp, white flesh. All-America Selections winner. Extra-early, retains fine eating quality all season. Round, smooth, scarlet beauties, ¾" across with crisp, white flesh. Fast and easy to grow, radishes are best in cool weather. Proven tops for performance, flavor and wide adaptability.

Harvest: 22 days
Light: Full Sun
Plant depth: 1/2 in.
Germinates: 7-10 days
Spacing: 6 in. (specs says 2" seed spacing - ??then thin out???)
Thrives in cool weather. Make successive sowings every 2 weeks.

Burpee Radish Cherry Belle Seed Model # 65851 HD $1 Store SKU # 365521 Enjoy a summertime favorite from your garden with Burpee Radish Cherry Belle Seed that are designed to be grown in full sun and add a tasty addition to your garden.

Designed to grow in full sun
Germinates in 6 days
Harvest after 4 weeks
Space 2 in. apart
4 in. mature height


Burpee Turnip Purple Top
Model # 61221 $1 HD Store SKU # 507261 Sow in well-worked soil in full sun in early spring. Firm, crisp, mild-flavored flesh. Round roots with bright purplish red top.

Tasty roots and tops
Round roots with bright purplish red top
Pure white base
Firm, crisp, mild-flavored flesh


Lutz Green Leaf or Winter Keeper(RHS), 80 days. An old-timer that I've grown for 30 years. Big, gnarly surfaced and ugly, but tender. Keeps well and has succulent greens. Sow before the end of July. If you lack a cold cellar, store in containers of moist sand in the cellar or in a hay-lined pit outside near the house foundation. Or put up in a tangy vinegar syrup as pickled beets to retain color and reduce the possibility of spoilage.


Laura (JSS), 115 days. If you can get it in time, this extra cold-hardy leek can be harvested from fall to spring.


Nevis (JSS), 68 days. An Ft hybrid bred for ground storage. Blight-resistant tops. Pelleted seed available. Cover with straw in the fall and , g all winter and spring.


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