SaaS and IT Management, Monitoring, DevOps

By pjain      Published June 15, 2021, 5:51 a.m. in blog AI-Analytics-Data   

IT Management, Monitoring, DevOps, WFH


Service NOW specializes in integrating separate corporate functions through its software to improve efficiency. Considering the increased need for isolated teams to collaborate during the coronavirus outbreak, the continuing digital transformation of large companies can be expected to accelerate. Jeffereies analyst Samad Samana believes ServiceNow can “sustain at or near 28% subscription revenue growth through 2020.”

  • Thesis: Reopening/C19 Play
  • Vital to keep employees productive even WFH

  • Thesis: , Core strengths -> New areas

  • $10b target with 28% Sales growth/yr to other cos through 2022
  • Core strengths ongoing momentum for ITSM, ITOM, HR, and CSM
  • SaaS PEs skyhigh => Focus co stocks where we see compelling relative value c$400 T $539 PHE: PFCF, trading at 45.5x our CY21E FCF, relative to FCF growth expectations of 35%.
  • Best in Class UI+Perf helps as BROADEN PORTFOLIO - financial operations management and DevOps
  • Expand toeholds - cos sticking with FEWER Tech providers, as interactions hard to manage


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