Sacramento Area Guide

By pjain      Published Dec. 31, 2019, 11:56 p.m. in blog Travel-Workouts-Fitness   

Sacramento, Yuba City and River, Napa, Tahoe

Yuba River and Rapids

  • Surrender your mind and body to the scorching hot rocks and chilling water of the Yuba River. The steady rapids make for an exhilarating hiking trip.

Napa Wine Tours and Hot-Air Ballooning

Napa is the heart and soul of winemaking. Be bougie and go wine tasting with some pals. It’s something we should all try "adult fun and decadence" in our lives. Recommended for the 21+ crowd unless you enjoy sipping vineyard water.

Lake Tahoe

The four hour drive from SFO or Berkeley down US-50 East is scenic as heck too. In the winter, snow makes up a significant part of any Tahoe trip, and there’s an impressive amount of skiing resorts. Even on the nippiest days, Lake Tahoe never freezes over, so it’s still possible to take a boat out (if you’re into wind chill) even in the dead of December. South Lake Tahoe also has a good amount of nightlife with casinos and dive bars accessible to anyone of age, and a good amount of jukeboxes for everyone.


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